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Joe McCarthy is retring at the end of the year

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    The junior Senator from Wisconsin has been dead since May 2, 1957. Even though he had been censured by the Senate in December of 1954, he was still in office at the time of his death. His most noteworthy achievement is that he was good at finding fault where none existed. It's interesting to note that McCarthy's popularity rating after the Army-McCarthy hearings was 34%, 20 points HIGHER than the current approval rating of Congress.

    Joe McCarthy has a modern day counterpart in Congress today, and his name is Darrell Issa, who is retiring from his position as Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform due to term limits. He is noteworthy due to the fact that he has investigated just about everything that involves the Obama administration.

    Dale started a forum about him in June of 2013, Zach started a forum about Benghazi on 8/4/14, and jared started a separate forum about Benghazi on 6/17/14, but this morning's news brought us another update about the Benghazi incident.

    Issa's committee started to investigate Benghazi in October of 2012. After spending over $5,000,000 investigating the embassy attack, his committee finally concluded this spring that the Obama administration was not at fault. Logically, you would think that would have ended the Benghazi investigations, but it didn't

    Just yesterday, a 2 year investigation by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence FINALLY concluded that there was no cover-up in the Benghazi. Hopefully Trey Gowdy will take note of that.

    Gowdy was appointed by John Boehner in Mat of 2014 to investigate Benghazi, and his committee was given $3.3 million to do so. The committee met for the first time on September 14.

    Without a doubt, the Benghazi attack has to be one of the most thoroughly investigated "scandal" in our recent history. Reading the timeline of the investigation (see below) will probably give you a headache:

    Believe it or not, Issa's committee is STILL investigating "Fast and Furious", another "scandal" that actually isn't one. In order to emphasize that point, the Department of Justice released 42,000 pages of documents to Issa's committee about 2 weeks after the mid-term auction/election.

    After ONE person died in Texas from Ebola, Issa announced that his committee was going to investigate the administration's handling of the disease on October 24.

    President Obama will likely breath a huge sigh of relief when Issa retries from his committee position at the end of the year, but he is still going to have LOTS of headaches.

    Even before Obama gave his speech on immigration on Thursday night, Sheriff Joe Arpaio filed suit in federal court seeking to block any action that would be taken by the President. At this point, the rest of the wing nuts in the Republican Party are still trying to figure out how to response to Obama's executive order, but they've had plenty to say so far:

    John Boehner's spokesperson called the president "Emperor Obama".

    Representative Michele Bachmann expressed fears of "illiterate, foreign nationals" committing widespread voter fraud.

    Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn predicted the president's immigration reforms could lead to "violence."

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach warned of "ethnic cleansing.

    Alabama Representative Mo Brooks—who suggested earlier this summer that President Obama is waging a "war on whites"—said Obama may have committed a felony with "a five-year in-jail penalty."

    Once the Republicans gain control of the Senate in January, things will likely get pretty ugly. Science denier James Inhofe is slated to be the head of the Environment and Public Works Committee, and science denier (and "anchor baby") Ted Cruz will likely be the chairman of the Subcommittee on Science and Space.

    Regardless of how the Senate conducts business over the next two years, it's absolutely certain that Jon Stewart is going to have a LOT of material to work with. Although you'll never see it happen, I would love to hear Dame Judi Dench deliver the opening song for the opening session of the Senate:
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    These guys are all crazy, but they are treated seriously by their fellow Tea Party members. Yet their constituents keep electing them.