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Just heard on the News that China may try to attack US Power Grid

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    Just heard on the News at 9:00 AM (EST) ----- that China was going to attack the U.S. Power Grid. (I think it was on CNN). Anyway, that brings back some very scarey memories. Does anybody remember the "Y2K" scenario of the year 1999 - 2000? There was widespread fear that our whole power grid in the United States would go down, due to a glitch in our programming, that did not allow a 4 digit space for the YEAR. So when the year 2000 rolled around, it would say "00" & think it was back to 1900. This meant ALL computers had to be re-done to use 4 digit code.
    At that time, we did not have enough programmers to do all the changes before the New Year of 2000, so we had to bring programmers over here from many different countries. They all had to work night & day, trying to get all the changes done for our power companies, banks, & businesses.

    Many were Oriental, from India & Japan? There were suddenly hundreds of orientals speaking "geek" all over the USA. It was fascinating. But also, once in awhile, we wondered if this was such a good idea. Maybe an enemy nation would install a "back door" into those computers to sabotage it.

    Have you guys heard anything about it yet? --- Can any of you Geek Speak? (ha)
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    This does not concern me to much. Every other year there is some sort of huge lingering threat from another country. These threats are either real, or manufactured here at home for whatever purpose. Yes, China has some of the best code brains in the world. But the key word there is, "some". That means some are here in the U.S, some are in Russia, etc, etc.

    The way I look at it is: America has nukes, and we never think about an American citizen stealing the nukes and using them against our own land. The minute another country has nukes, there is suddenly a massive lingering scare that last until our government gives the, "all clear" on the country possessing them. Even if the other country is an friend. I realize it's a different situation. But it's in the same sense.

    My point being, any skilled hacker (and I mean the kind that are capable of these things) could take down pretty much any electronically driven item in the world at any given time. I have a close friend that if he wanted to, could program your Tv cable box to only play Jazz music, whilst wiping your computer clean, whilst repeatedly calling emergency lines from your personal cell phone, while ordering 100 pizzas on your credit card. And pretty much all it would take is a username from one website. Now imagine what a team of life-long dedicated hackers getting paid an enormous amount of money can do if persuaded.

    Yes it is scary to think of, but I do not see it happening. At least not on the catastrophic scale the media is sure to build it up on.
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    It is on Wolf Blitzer on CNN right now. At 5:22 PM (EST) I for one would love to hear more about this...... The thrills just never end....
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    The latest on Wolf Blitzer said it is NOT JUST the Chinese hackers, but the Russians, who have been sneaking around flying into our air space in Alaska & other places, to scare the hell out of our air traffic controllers. They also have been sneaking tanks & artillery into Ukraine & other places in close proximity to Russia. It is almost like the old Cold War Days, when both sides threatened each other with all-out NUCLEAR WAR. They kept most all Americans terrified for 25 years, hiding in bomb shelters, keeping food & water & a can opener in their basements.

    Oh oh ---- could it be the dear old Bush operatives, (of 9/11 fame) where their agenda was to keep us all TERRIFIED so bad, that we would do anything
    at all, to keep the big bad "boogey man" away. Yes, they can use the "power grid" as a monster to scare us with, just like the "good old days."

    Next they will have us removing our shoes & checking our luggage, just to turn on our lights or open our refrigerator.
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    Clay summed it up pretty well. It happens from time to time and it's sometimes China, sometimes Russia. US Hackers probably do their share of crazy stuff too. It's a fascinating topic. There was a movie with (a supporting actress) Angelina Jolie at about age 17. The movie was called Hackers. It was all about this topic. Great movie. If any of you get a chance to watch's very good.
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    Although it may seem far-fetched, it's POSSIBLE that hackers could take over America's power grid.

    A few years ago, I read a book titled "Enemy Among Us", by Randy Reardon, that explains how vulnerable we all are:
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    I doubt it. Why? because they sell all our powered junk which needs juice, so that would be cutting their own throat.
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    Hi Arizona: Thank you so much for that "link" --- about the Enemy Among Us, and how operatives from foreign countries, or some home-grown saboteurs can get into our power grid. I lived through the Y2K situation, & went out & bought a few handy dandy gadgets to save me (temporarily) in case the worst things happened. I bought a solar stove, flashlights that did not need batteries, a radio that operated on a "crank" mechanism, so it needed no electricity or batteries. We had water stored in huge 8 gallon plastic containers, & sleeping bags (thermal) good for 10 below zero, and sterno items for cooking. I even had a styro foam small shelter to sleep in, when the heat went off. And canned goods (with a good can opener), food that had a 3 or 5 yr shelf-life. It was GREAT, since I knew I could possibly survive. But even the Energy Czar (under Clinton) was publicly saying that America could possibly be "3 weeks without electric power."

    Thanks for the pointers. You are always there with the latest. Best of Luck to you, in warm Arizona. (ha) Have a Wonderful Christmas. ---- Eternal Flame.