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DEA Searching NFL Locker Rooms

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    Here you have it....once again

    We have a bunch of idiots suing the NFL because of pain pills. Since high school these players have been treated like Royalty and now since things didn't work out financially....they have sharks circling the water.

    Bottle service at the club, cars, parties, pet tigers, strip joints, houses, endorsements etc.. etc. They spent all their money and now it's the NFL passing out pills is the reason they need treatment. They need new brains.

    I haven't heard one of them ever complain about having their grades fixed by the colleges for eligibility purposes.

    They made choices in the NFL. I say let them all kill each other every sunday so that I can be entertained. That's why I watch football, that's why they played football.

    We just had a topic about "Values"- these are the new values. "IT'S NOT MY FAULT"

    I could understand if they had raised this issue while they were playing. NO, completely silent. I call it "The Pussification of Man"

    You know the NFL is violent. You know opiates are addicting......but hey coach, give me a pill....I'm a superstar