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population as problem cause -- or as effect?

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    With an email respondant I've been conducting an ongoing exchange of ideas and illusions regarding what most threatens the environment, the earth, and all that dwell therein. Her standpoint is that it's the all that dwell therein that's the problem. Too many people. And though I grant that too many people is already problematic and will become even more so, I see that view as a simplistic generalization.
    Some of what I present here should (Dutch, Zack, others) be considered as possibly satirical, even farce.
    But some of my thoughts are serious and I think worth sharing with others.
    I'll begin with something to shock another into attention to the subject.

    Death control (I’m currently reading SCOURGE, by Tucker (history of smallpox).

    Now those were the days when overpopulation was merely momentary. Between the poxes and malaria and cholera and bubonic and venereal . . . . .there was numerical homo-sapiens homeostasis !! No overpopulation overall. Just within the city centers and for the interims between the wipeouts. Nature’s basic population control. Plague (as well as pestilence and other statistical controls).
    And in view of one’s frenzy at current population levels?
    One of the extreme solutions to overpopulation (in distant foreign lands) might be "let 'em die". Back to "it's God's will" (or "reward" or "punishment").
    Overpopulation such a problem, why the hell are the "advanced nations exerting so much effort into preventing nature's way of managing population? Ebola at the mass-meetings of whomever. Especially in those hordes of foreigners – but even to cull those so self-indulgent on the cruise ships (what better an incubation ward and quaranteen chamber than a cruise ship?)
    Such mankind-management could be rationalized as survival of the fittest, thus within the parameters of even the Darwinian/evolutionary schema -- as well as by others as the "man-ifest destiny of the lighter skinned and Judeo-Christian inheriting the there of-others ethnic-cleansed from squatting on the earth by the will of The Lord God.

    So perhaps from the above it's evident? Since more effort on birth control seems futile, the direction should be less effort on death control.

    Satire. Satire. You;’ve read satire. Not serious.

    That population is the primary threat to environment is, from one perspective obvious -- but that population is a generalization (construct-term), not scientific factor (dynamic causality) is really where it's at for science. For if, as [the] she acknowledged, there's no solution to (numerical) population, it's a foolish "science" that makes the "unsolveable" its primary variable of concern.
    The factors of concern are what the population does. And within that context, population is a factorial multiple and some of the worst ecological and environmental damage derives from the regions of far lesser population than where there are teeming hordes merely subsisting. Fuel consumption, carbon emissions, fertilizer use/contamination-runoff, caloric intake, and so many other factors are not directly population-proportional.
    The "advanced nations" are the lesser populated and the worser exploiters and polluters of the earth.

    Aerosol contra

    As I've looked at population as vast variable factors, not a generalization-numerical, I've seen such variable that I've realized that population is not the cause of problems at all. It's the effect of the actual problems. Which are not reproductive. They're the absense of or interference with means of non-reproductivity !!!
    The emissions and effluents of the advanced nations and their technologies and industries imbue the atmosphere and disperse around the whole globe.
    We need to mass-manufacture aerosol contraceptive which could start as a highly flammable liquid and thus be added to vehicular fuels (perhaps saving some corn for people to eat) . . . . and even used in conjunction with electrical generating plant energy sources. Burning same would catalyze its contraceptive activity as well as spew it into global dispersal from which women would breathe their relief from the enslavement to pregnancy and the hard labor of producing the product which burdens them for maternal years and isn't good for their physical figures as well as for any fiscal ones based on overpopulation.

    Sarire this last? You judge -- but don't judge me !!!
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    Water, the loss of topsoil, and more viruses to come by deforestation.

    It's going to get real interesting in the next 30 years. War over famine and water rights, not enough food, energy is definitely going to be a factor.

    Include religion.........................Real Intersting
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    Sorry: it is all "god's" will (which one? we've got so many); I just checked with the Pope; he just ordered a new hat at Michael Kors. That has priority.
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    The world has lots of problems. India tried sterilizing some women to control population growth. Currently they're just above 1B. Women started dying so they stopped. There are still places with very much space. Of course with global warming we have rising sea levels which equals less land. I wonder about much longer things will be fine...... 20, 25 years ? 35, 40 years ? I sure don't know. When is it time to become a prepper ? Start storing cases of food and huge amounts of water. Medical supplies, guns and amo (because those who didn't plan well will try to steal what they need) Alcohol, on the prepping shows they say you should have things for trading because eventually you'll need something that you don't have and trading is better than getting shot.