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Kim Kardahian Photo

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    When I have to see every news organization talk about this photo it only confirms my opinions about Americans. It"s no wonder why Europe laughs at us. Even the Daily Show spoke on it.

    We have grown people in this country actually having informed discussions about this parasite...... who became famous for a sex tape. Her claim to fame is a BJ

    And we wonder why the country is in this shape. We have nothing of value to share with one another anymore. What went wrong with basic behavior? How did we become so trivial and inconsequential.

    In the landing of the robot on the comet...during the interviews I heard very strong accents, definitely not American. We would have sent Kim Kardahian on that rocket half naked and then call ourselve....EXCEPTIONAL'

    For exmple, when Joan Rivers died I read posts that said, "She'll definitely be missed". Are you serious????? What did Joan Rivers do that was of such great contribution to anything other than herself. Not one of you knew her. She and her daughter had an idiotic based show that commented on the attire that Holywood Celebs wear.

    Help me out here people.
    Have I missed something??