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Republicans Shocked Obama Won't Cave And Give Them What They Want

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    In 2012 America reelected President Obama, Harry Reid and a Democratic controlled Senate, and cast 1.5 million more votes for Democrats than Republicans in House races. Two years later it's as if those elections never happened as Republicans just completely ignored them, and continued their same obstruction tactics, effectively thumbing their noses at the American people in spite of their votes to the contrary. Now these same Republicans actually have the temerity to demand that Obama and the Democrats bow to the results of last Tuesday's election that witnessed only 36.6% of the vote cast mainly in red states, as if they somehow inherited a mandate.

    Aides to Sen. Mitch McConnell are frustrated because President Obama has made it known that he is not going to back down and give the Republican controlled Congress what they want.

    Politico reported, “McConnell’s aides are frustrated at the lack of movement they see from Obama after the election-night wipeout. They say he’s still stuck in the same battle lines with the GOP that make deals on tax reform and infrastructure less likely. White House officials say the president will keep making the same case he’s already made for his tax reform and infrastructure ideas, and believe Republicans will eventually have to give ground on a minimum wage hike now that voters in four states approved increases Tuesday.”

    Republicans seem shocked that Obama hasn’t bowed to their ability to win elections in mostly red states where he isn’t popular. Remember, all of those promises that Republicans made on the campaign trail? Give us the Senate, and we’ll repeal Obamacare. Not so much. What about all of those bills that Speaker of the House John Boehner claims will now be signed into law under Obama? Forget it. All of those pipe dreams that Republicans sold voters about a Republican congress breaking the gridlock? They were a fantasy.

    President Obama has no reason to move. He has been saying the same thing for nearly seven years now. Obama has been urging Republicans to meet him in the middle. Instead of compromising, congressional Republicans keep asking aloud why Obama won’t give them what they want.

    The odds are that the new Republican Senate majority is not going to accomplish much. What is most likely to happen is that Republicans will try to pass bills that Democrats can’t support. Republicans don’t have sixty votes in the Senate, so they won’t be able to do much.

    The only difference is that Mitch McConnell won’t be able to blame Harry Reid. He is going to have to own his failure.

    Obama isn’t going to cave. The president is willing to work with Republicans, but nothing in this world is free. The so-called party of personal responsibility is looking to get something for nothing. That’s not going to happen while Barack Obama is occupying the White House.
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    As a Canadian, I cast one vote in a federal election, for a candidate in my riding. This can be discouraging, as I am a Liberal in a riding which reliably votes Conservative. I sometimes envy Americans who can vote directly for a president and for a House representative at the same time. But it seems to me that your founding fathers were too spooked by Lord North and his minions in the 1770's, so much so that they deliberately made your system unable to reflect the actual wishes of the electorate.

    Rachel is great at showing graphics. I would like to see her display the actual numbers of voters who wanted Barack Obama to be President in 2012, and the actual number of voters who voted for Republican House candidates, and compare both to the number of eligible voters.