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gridlock equivalent to the blood-brain barrier

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    An email to me contained a cartoon portraying the socio-political basis and implications of the Republican success in the election.
    It showed a couple of dignitaries on a podium, their armbands marked with dollar signs. Beyond them stretched a huge crowd
    holding placards up: "Pave our farmland," "Send more jobs abroad." "Decrease social security." "End public education." . . .and
    other such advocacies and intentions of the far Right.

    My response to the sender (who's one of the far left -- I commented that the arm bands should have had crosses beside the $s)


    There are a lot of faults such as the threat of evangelical Christian Sharia law (thus reversals of amendments of Constitutional law) . . . . and that Capitalism has been so much castrated of what was its actual strength (American work force) . . . . and consumer appetites coming out the other end so voluminously that trash is being trucked from Florida to Michigan and there, soon, as elsewhere already, there's no more landfill room.

    But somehow it all has worked and actually advanced, improved, through the nation's history. The jousting of "private" and "public" sectors represents a "trans-governmental" system of checks and balances (such as environmental laws, workplace regs). Granted, the obverse, that big bus. is the venture capital for aspiring politicians who then must repay via favorable legislation. But without the major corporations, how could such a complex, diverse, dispersed, and affluent country as ours exist?

    The capital accrued by corporations is the "fuel resource" for R & D and exploration -- for the actual energy companies, inclusive of "alternatives". We must remember that coal was once an alternative (of wood) fuel way back, and then oil the alternative and into gas and big business and big capitalization brought it about and took it around (for petroleum products around the whole country via distribution systems). And the investment of big oil corporations into alternatives now is far beyond what most people could ever imagine.

    Our government involves what I compare to the blood-brain barrier of an organism. Comparable to a very-semi-permeable membrane, most that would be harmful can't get through. But some deleterious does. And some of what would be advantageous, "curative", is blocked (pharmaceutical for the brain, legislative for the government).
    But the system prevents a sectarian surge.

    God bless gridlock, for there are so many who would damn it for preventing their Crusades.