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Illinois Gov Pat Quinn 'Can't Get No Respect'

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    Chicago magazine put out this article, breaking down the love loss Illinois has had with its Governor Pat Quinn. At first, they loved him. But with a growing record of not being able to push big legislation through the system, for substantial change in the state, he has since plummeted in approval ratings.

    What the article correctly points out though is that Quinn has been a marked improvement over a slew of disgraced former Illinois politicians, caught up in numerous controversies and scandals.. remember Rod Blagojevich?? That was his predecessor.

    It's a bit a ways away for re-election. Quinn still has plenty of time to remind voters why they elected him into office in the first place. He still has the right attitude and vision, I think. His efforts in trying to make Chicago safer are encouraging. .. check out the article. I know there are quite a few people on this site from Illinois. How do you personally feel about your governor? Would you re-elect him? Seems like the folks vying for 'next man up' status are all powerful millionaires that I have a hard time believing would be a better fit.
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    I was still living in Illinois when Blagovich was thrown out of office and succeeded by Quinn. It was a crazy time for the state, that's for sure.

    I think what happened is that you always inherit your predecessors problems whenever you take over a state. Illinois has been in deep financial trouble for quite some time, mainly due to unfunded pensions that are starting to come due. Those financial troubles have led people to leave the state in droves, myself included.

    I've always been a fan of Quinn, but he has a unique management style. He's definitely not as bombastic as the recent governors of Illinois, which may play a role in why he's not as popular. Illinois tends to vote for for flashy governors and Quinn is definitely not that.

    Hopefully he can get claim victory tonight. Illinois is a deeply blue state, but it does tend to elect Republican governors here and there. It's a pretty red state outside of Chicago, but I still think that enough Democrats will turn out today and reelect Quinn.