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Don't Let 2014 be the Year You Stay Home

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    Tomorrow is the day everyone. Tomorrow is the day that we can show up in force and remind the nation what we liberals stand for.

    We need to show up to the polls and remind the far right in this country that we don't want them to decide who can and can not receive health insurance; that every citizen in this country has the right to marry the person they love; that we don't want to continue fighting wars in far off countries on our credit card; and that we don't think that the rich and powerful should have more power than the average citizen.

    The Republicans have run a campaign that gives us no concept of how they will run the Government. They have provided zero policies they want to pass outside of pushing for failed policies that drove our country into its worst recession it's seen since 1929. And they have used the tried and true culture war's to divide a population that would otherwise vote overwhelmingly against them.

    This is what the Democrats are up against. Republicans only win when Democrats stay home. Democrats win if we all show up.