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It's Time For Change in Michigan

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    With Detroit in shambles and Gov. Snyder's approval rating in the low 30's, you gotta think that Michigan is going to show out in droves to vote for a change in governor leadership, come November.

    I think the watermark (pun intended) that proves Snyder is in over his head with dealing with Detroit is when he's own city manager decided to cut off thousands of people's water supply in Detroit. Yes, the people that got their water cut off were 60+ days delinquent on their bills. But, I don't think that anyone with decent common sense would go as far as literally taking a basic necessity away from thousands, when the very city is itself in an impossible economic downturn, resulting in bankruptcy.

    Not to mention when Snyder appointed a city manager to run all of Detroit, effectively taking away the entire democratic process from its citizens, completely! That to me was almost too crazy to believe.

    Gotta get this guy out of office. Someone else needs a go at turning Detroit around, and I think it's clear Snyder is not the right person for the job.