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Soooweee! Joni Ernst

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    Joni Ernst can really castrate hogs can't she!? I think she'll" make every EVERYONE squeal," after she is elected. Especially, when they find out she is FOR privatizing Social Security. When are we going to quit being manipulated by" country bumpkin slogans" designed to stop us from thinking!? If you look at what she is for, you would dismiss her as a legitimate candidate immediately. She hopes we'll be" dumb" enough to get caught up in the moment, and vote against ourselves. I'm sure she will perpetuate our "gridlock "in Washington! I'm sure she is not for increasing the minimum wage! Well, I guess we'll have to get along on only $7.25 an hour . Soooweee!
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    That campaign ad has got to be the most ridiculous ad for anything I have ever seen, election or not. Hard to believe anyone would see that and think, "She's got my vote!". Who thinks this stuff up anyways??