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Wendy Davis Encourages to Texans to vote on the Daily Show

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    The Daily has made the trip to Texas and on its opening night broadcast from Austin, had Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis as their guest. I know the Daily show has lots of political guests on their show but they are in my home state now and I really like Wendy Davis' stances on education. But she brought up an interesting point. Voter turnout.

    Texas has really bad voter turnout. Which is sad. This state has been solid red for decades which has caused people to become disinterested. Presidential candidates rarely campaign here, which in turn draws little attention to the issues, which then produces uninformed voters or apathetic citizens who just don't vote. In the last Presidential Election, Texas had a voter turnout of 50.1%. That ranks us 48th for that cycle. In the midterm elections in 2010, it was just 38%.

    We need to find ways to encourage more people to vote. It doesn't matter who they vote for as long as they vote. We need to find a way inform people on the issues and get them to want to vote. Sadly, this is not really my area of expertise so I figured I would source it out to you guys and we can brainstorm some ideas.