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you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

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    It looks like the mid-term elections are still too close to call, but Daily Kos today provided a clue to a trend that is clearly favorable to the Democrats.

    The comments are posted below, and I've highlighted the relevant portions for your review:

    Palin to the Rescue

    Kansas Republicans are getting increasingly desperate and now they’re bringing in all the crazies.

    The last few weeks have seen a parade of zombies marching in lockstep across Kansas. It’s a clear sign they’re losing and they know it.

    In support of Kansas non-resident and struggling US Senator Pat Roberts, no less than Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Jed Bush, Bob Dole, Paul Ryan, Willard Mitt Romney, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Tom Coburn, and Rand Paul have answered the evil batcall and come rushing to the rescue. What surer sign of panic can there be than hysterical campaigning?

    In previous election cycles, such campaigns stops weren’t considered necessary. Everyone “knew” Kansas would go red. Everyone “knew” Roberts’ seat was safe. Heck, Roberts didn’t even need to show up in the state; he could safely rest in his Virginia home. Things are so bad, Roberts had to schedule a WEEKEND Bus Tour across Kansas. Can you imagine? A whole weekend!

    Then to add to the zombie-fest, they called in the heavyweights. Yes, Chris Christie and Rick Perry showed up in support of Sam Brownback.

    I wonder who is next. How low can they go? Well, here are my suggestions: Mark “Soul Mate” Sanford, Newt “Ick” Gingrich, Scott “Isis on the Border” Brown, David “Outsourcing” Perdue, Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin, Joni “Hog Castrator” Ernst, or the queen of crazies Michele “Obamacare Will Literally Kill Women” Bachmann.

    See below the squiggle for an oops moment.

    Feeble in body but still acerbic in wit, Bob Dole said what he really thought about Cruz, who would soon be making an appearance in support of Roberts.

    “The government was shut down, not by Pat … but by a guy named Sen. Cruz from Texas,” the 91-year-old former presidential nominee said. “There’s nothing wrong with compromise to get things done for Kansas and the rest of the nation.”
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    Dorothy and Toto never knew how fortunate they were to get sucked out of Kansas, but we all do!
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    For all you westerners, especially San Francisco Giant fans, this Toto is not in Kansas and to put in perspective, the Royals Stadium (tonight's 7th World Series game) is in MISSOURI. Kansas is about 7 miles from the Stadium. Kansas has always desired to have the sports in their state, but we Missourians know better than to let a good thing get away. It's a little about pride and whole a lot about "Money".

    Kansas just needs to stay stuck in the medieval ages preying on people's rights. Missourians don't want to get that bad, which we already have enough problems to handle.