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50 year anniversary of the Vietnam war

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    AmcmurryFreedom Wrote: Schmidt,
    The biggest reason for my personal faith is that I realize there is nothing else here on earth. I am in awe and gratitude for my life, which I experienced much of the world and accomplished so much that I give a hearty thanks to God for the existence. Since I was raised Christian, I have deep a sense of faith in Jesus, who better than anyone gave me a second chance amongst all my sins. With all that said, there is nothing here on earth that I see as capable of reversing the effects of evil and a total disregard for human life. People spend much energy to fight the injustice and unrighteousness that they loose sight of the most important of ingredients in pursuit of humanity and that is personal sacrifice, duty and honor to one another. One of the most unused 10 commandments is "Honor your Father and Mother". In that brief is the beginnings of personal sacrifice, duty and honor to one another. Our parents would not want us to aimlessly kill, steal and beat each other in an field of anarchy. I see the world in total chaos with massive architecture in weapons the world has never seen. These weapons sit at the ready and they hold death and destruction in biological, chemical and molecular destruction of mankind.

    A case example is last week in Africa, Ebola blood samples were stolen by a terror group. Just what do they expect to do with that as a weapon. They sure are not going to grow prize tomatoes with it. Also, a report came out Putin may be stepping back, because of some US flights over Russia. Just what was America flying that got there attention? One of my engineer friends who worked out of St. Louis told me years ago about her husbands government grants and University studies in Nanoparticle technology. This man is a well known professor in Nano Technology and the things that my friend was telling me send shivers through me of just what this weapon technology can evolve into. Remember all those grant funds given to people on insects and their mating rituals. We thought it was a waste of government funds. Well, all those studies go into intelligence of how to mimic an insect made from nanotech to use against a perceived threat. This is an insane use of our intelligence. America and the world has moved way beyond nuclear bombs and those weapons are just children's toys as compared with the current evolution in weaponry.

    NO, I see no help for mankind other than God's intervention. Mankind has already entered into the world of no return. Automated weapons are already being used, especially on Israel's desert borders. You cannot enter past the warning signs without being riddled by an automated weapon that fires first, it knows no other humane effort to analyze if your a threat or not, it just shoots. Again, mankind has not seen the best (or worst) of what weapons they can use. They have them and they continue to build newer ones. There is no salvation for mankind, other than prayer and faith in God's promise. I came into this earth and I will leave this's that simple!
    AMC -- I didn't want to get into a religious dialogue with you. But as I have written before in this website, my mother was a deeply religious Christian (Lutheran) and practiced her faith, as you do, with deep sincerity. She was a good person and a role model for me in life. My Dad was an atheist and was also a very good person and role model, not because of any learned religious doctrine, but rather because of his own sense of innate morality. The one thing I learned from both of them is tolerance. Neither criticized nor mocked the others' beliefs, and their marriage was strong until their deaths. My mother went through all the motions of indoctrinating her children in her faith. Some of us went along with her at first, but later in life as we contemplated our being, I trended away from the all the biblical stuff, and labeled myself an agnostic. It was a slow process of continual cognitive dissonance, but in the end my scientific mind won out, and I could not even admit to agnosticism. I know a lot of atheists (some in the closet) and they, like my Dad, are very good people.

    Nevertheless, I saw how my mother's faith help her through some very difficult times in our lives so I won't criticize her or anyone else in their beliefs. However, like others in this website, I do draw the line when people come to my door to try to convert me, and I especially draw the line when religious people try to instill their religious beliefs into our government policies. While I try to be respectful, it is often difficult with the Louis Gohmert's of this world.

    I share your views on Climate Change and weapons...what it could lead to (not the God intervention part). I believe that we humans must do a better job of protecting our planet and humankind in general, but it is many on the religious right like Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe that invoke God to justify their selfish actions. They are seeking to interject their Biblical based worldviews into government policies. I certainly understand that their views are not reflective of all Christians, but they provide the fodder for stereotyping and scorn when other Christians remain silent or go along with the Republican tribalism.

    The End Times may indeed happen one day, but it won't be because of any Biblical prophecy.
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    Thank you Schmidt and well said! Yes, there are zealots on both sides and is tolerance and self control that must prevail. Ever since Vietnam, I've seen a cosmic advance in weaponry and it's mind boggling to think what mankind is doing to humanity. I feel fortunate in my faith and comfort in the Promises. So, whatever evil or terror comes my way, so be it, I'll be singing and dancing soon after. I cannot help the world and I never try, but I do profess my faith and try to live it by helping others and being a good example. Although it is difficult, because mankind has made it so easy to condemn others whatever their beliefs may be. The good times I remember as young lad marching though the woods with my best buddy (dog) and my gun hunting rabbits and squirrels. Just me and nature was as pleasant as it could get, than adulthood happened, war happened, education happened, death happened, threats happened, responsibilities happened. This pleasantry of life seemed to disappear, but I have always carried the life preserver of faith through the many dismal periods in life. It helps me! Vietnam is a bad memory, but it will not be the last, there are more Vietnams coming, and some are now saying Iraq and Afghanistan are Vietnam candidates.