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Revealing whether you voted for President Obama

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    I think Ms. Grimes should answer the question of who she voted for if .... Mitch McConnell reveals whether he voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 or.... wrote in the name of one of the Koch brothers. (his puppet masters)
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    I did not vote for Obama as I was a Hilary voter, however I did vote for other democratic candidates in the local races both here in Pa. and the city of Philadelphia.. What's the big deal, if she voted for Obama or not ,so what, does she still want to follow those policies of his or does she have another path to walk, I think the voters in Kentucky should know these things before the election and not wait for buyers remorse.
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    I hate to beat a dead horse but she isn't answering the question because the knowledge that racism is not just alive and well in the south, in most cases it's rampant. That's why the repub's are campaigning against every democrat with the total association with Mr. Obama. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...... It's a freaking racist duck. That's a fact.

    I shouldn't limit the racism to the south. It's a controlling factor in the country. North and South. Sadly at this day and age....Haters, are rowing the damned boat. It's a major factor in the repub's platform. Defeat the democrats ! After all, they elected a black - TWICE !!!! You'd think it was the 21st century. Seems more like the 19th century.