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Civil Rights for Chimpanzees

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    Todays news on AOL, "New York to decide if Chimps have legal rights". Ok, where are the connections here? Animal rights I can agree with that humans should have an awareness of doing no harm to animals. The jury is still out on PETA and the world view of hunting and killing of animals, but is there a connection on Chimpanzees? I realize there has been reported of horrible experiments on chimpanzees as well poor conditions in zoos. I'm all for improving conditions and controlling the experimentation on animals, including chimps.

    What is there on "legal rights"? Shall there be a "Bill of Rights" enacted especially for Chimps or do we amend our Constitution to include chimps? After the movies depicting the Chimpanzee of taking back the world from humanity, maybe there's something to this. Now something more serious, do chimps and or animal have religion? This is a trick, because those who read the scriptures will know that God's ordains mankind to manage the animal kingdom. As we need the animals, they need us as well. I will be waiting for the New York verdict. Is this on the comic network, yet?