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fast food or finality fast -- which kills faster?

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    To me, Wendy's makes the best burger (though I've been into chicken nuggets the last couple times -- notwithstanding that if I really knew what goes into those darling little dumplingish things I probably would eschew handling them, let alone chewing them. "Parts is parts" as Frank Perdue (or Purdue?) used to say as he, from one ad to another, looked more and more like a chicken and may have died from bird flu and we'll never be told that truth.
    It's fascinating to go into Burger King, even more so MacDonalds, and you're in a non-nutritional NASA facility what with all the equipment. For McD's, the more the equipment the better for Ray Krock (who bought out the MacDonald brothers who had two little take-out joints. Ray worked for Hamilton Beach which sells blenders and all kinds of other restaurant and soda-counter equipment and the more Ray sold to his franchises, the more his commissions for whatever duration he still worked for Hamilton before being in a position to probably buy them for cash. Them = the corporation.
    MacDonald's is an ordered mayhem of mayo and much otherwise manufactured in northern N. J. including at least part of the taste, smell, definitely color #s whatever in various . . . . and maybe even what's in the McNuggets.
    Wendy's has a little kitchen, a grill, a counter, and maybe 5 acne-aged and a senior running the whole thing and usually, it seems, gettin' out the stuff faster than Micky's or the King. And the taste is more like home cooked burg. (Though that may be portion-control spriinkled onto the pattie of a high-tech developed beef-surrogate olfactory avatar)
    As for FIVE GUYS, even touted in Forbes Magazine as the best burgers and on the launch pad to be flipped up into venture capital and IPO stratosphere . . . once was enough for me.
    As for what the employees "earn" (talk about a glorification-euphemism) -- (and we should include Walmart's indentured victims here) . . . . . There should be a living wage paid for people who need to live on their wages. With Walmart, private enterprise has made the government (food stamps, WIC, and such) its proxy benefit package. Last year or so Walmart had signs asking employees (and others) to contribute to buy turkeys for Walmart employees who couldn't afford to buy them. That's a disgrace. If Walmart raised its prices enough to provide what Target does (which is liveable-on), may be the four heirs would have to relinquish a percent or two of their dividend millions each year -- and they'd have to raise prices. But they'd still be Walmart and people would swarm there.
    And as for fast food, add 50 cents even to each triple and people would still buy. Fast food is to people (more and more global) what gasoline is to the compulsion of the commute in the car. Raise the price? They'll still buy. And if all raised their prices (as did the gasoline imposters of separate, competing entities of enterprise), there'd surely be no defections from one "brand" to another.
    And that's enough regarding fast food. I didn't finish them all at Wendy's and I'm really craving another hit of nugget-nutrition.
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    I grew up with a Grecian spoon in my mouth. (Or was it "greasy" spoon)? Anyway, burger joints were my second home. I notice lately, all the drive-ins have "Now Hiring" signs by their windows and exits. And with all the jobless people in America right now, how can that be?

    I know people with 2 kids can't make it on $7.25 per hour, even with over-time. And most of their hours are tightly controlled so they do NOT GET any over-time. In my quest for Burger Kingdom, I use "sanitation" as a primary requirement. If the faucets don't work, or if the bathrooms look like an Ebola outbreak, I won't eat there. Everything should look almost like a "yuppie" hospital, before I will venture into tasting the food.

    So I will BUY where Greed is not the biggest factor in prices. (And now its Time for Aunt Jemima's frozen breakfast).
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    The Wendy's food chain is a good example of the power of advertising, since the addition of Clara Peller to their ads 30 years ago led to huge increase in sales.

    Due to perceived health concerns, my wife no longer eats red meat at all, but I'll still have an occasional steak and even an occasional hamburger. The link below covers a little more about the topic, even though the discussion of "pink slime" may make you a little queasy: