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Upcoming Lunar Eclipse Will Do Something Technically Impossible

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    Apparently, a super rare lunar eclipse is going to be visible the early morning of Wednesday, October 8th. Will start at 6:25 EST, to be exact, and set to be visible for about an hour.

    This will be the 2nd of 4 bi-annually visible, full lunar eclipses, a package deal officially known as a Tetrad, that won't come back around for our viewing pleasure again until 2032. So, the event is already rare, in and of itself. Back in April of 2014, we got the first one; remember the 'red moon'? Well, this should turn the moon red as well. But what makes this event singularly spectacular and almost technically impossible is that the moon will be setting at the exact same time that the sun will be rising. But only for a few minutes will this part of the eclipse be visible; somewhere in the ballpark of 2 to 9 minutes.

    If you are lucky enough to be high enough in the sky, or with a particularly awesome vantage point that gives you a view of both the East and West coast, you will be able to see this happen in all of its glory. For the rest of us though, we will still get a chance to the see red (and possibly turquoise) moon be totally eclipsed for a good stretch of the early morning, and that should be a show worth waking up early for, all by itself.

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    Thanks. I didn't know that's what caused the moon to appear red. It makes sense once it's put into context. Hope it's not cloudy in the morning.