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distant future anthropologists come upon CDs and 33 1/3s and cassettes

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    Centuries after the fall of our civilization . . . . . .

    Some postapocalyptic day some anthropologists are going to start finding all these little shiny disks and assume they were used in religious rituals by the primitives of our era. Without lasers they'll never figure out the actual use for CDs or DVDs.
    Now as for vinyl, in that far-distant future some anthropologist will use a very fine fibril of something to clean debris from the tiny grooves visible in the big disk . . . and sense the vibrations of sound .. . . and after much experimentation the conclusion will be that those disks were the equivalent of books and the overwhelming majority of their content was set to or encoded in music.
    As for cassettes, the tape will have become stuck in pairs of variant-diameter circles within the plastic. And there'll be the hypothesis that these things were a form of monetary exchange -- value depending upon reel size differentials on side A or side B.
    Flash drives? Perhaps some kind of suppository??
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    Yes; great thinking. If I came from Mars and saw all the junk humans have produced over time; then I would be at a total loss and would take immediately a return rocket back to Mars. From a "human" perspective it only means we create way too much junk to keep us busy and only adds to the polution of this tiny planet; so it needs then a huge war to destroy it and start all over again. Humans are a crazy race.