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    If there were 100 College Football games you would have 100 losers. Except in bizarre scenarios where there is a tie.
    Today however 10/4/2014 there were some important upsets. If you include Thursdays game and Fridays game there were even more.
    Below is a list of teams who lost - and their ranking in the top 25. Admittedly some ranked teams played other ranked teams this week.
    I think these results are very different than usual.

    Losing team / Rank
    Oregon - 2
    Alabama - 3
    Oklahoma - 4
    Texas A&M - 6
    UCLA - 8
    Stanford - 14
    L S U - 15
    U S C - 16
    Wisconsin - 17
    B Y U - 18
    Nebraska - 19

    Half of the top 10 and more than half of the top 20. That's unprecedented.
    Huge day in Mississippi. Both Mississippi and Mississippi State won against top 10 opponents. Because of mass popularity of the South Eastern Conf.
    #3, 6, and 15 probably wont fall much. This week will definitely have an effect on the 13 committee members who will ultimately pick the top 4 teams
    who will play in the first College Football playoff series at the beginning of 2015.

    There are various polls and some are different. This is from ESPN w/ FSU - 1, Auburn - 5, Baylor - 7, ND - 9, Mich St - 10.