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North Carolina Republican Making Six Figures Busted For Welfare Fraud

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    You know how Republicans have been referring to welfare recipients as lazy moochers who are stealing money from taxpayers? Well, get ready for a huge helping of hypocrisy.

    A North Carolina Republican is in hot water after documents revealed that he committed welfare fraud in the 1990s.

    GOP state Senator Wesley Meredith currently enjoys a double-digit lead against his Democratic opponent Billy Richardson. But on Tuesday, Richardson released documents that could be a potential game-changer with a month to go before Election Day.

    North Carolina GOP state Senator Wesley Meredith via ABC 11
    North Carolina GOP state Senator Wesley Meredith via ABC 11
    According to ABC 11,

    Richardson released a load of Meredith’s public and private financial and public assistance documents. They indicate Meredith and his ex-wife, Elizabeth Meredith, received welfare in the late 1990s. At the time, the couple earned annual incomes in the six-figure range.

    In an interview with the Fayetteville Observer, Elizabeth Meredith confirmed the authenticity of the accusations against her former husband.

    Apparently, the Merediths went to the county Department of Social Services in 1996 and applied for Medicaid benefits. The Merediths also applied for WIC (food stamps) benefits at the same time. The released documents corroborate this information.

    The documents also show that Wesley Meredith had a gross income of over $100,000 and received benefits at a time when people had to be making less than $19,800 to qualify for government assistance.

    The bottom line here is that a Republican who has worked with his political party to punish welfare recipients and the poor in recent years has been caught putting his own hand in the cookie jar. Furthermore, the revelations come as North Carolina Republicans continue to block Medicaid expansion through Obamacare, which would give thousands of North Carolinians the health coverage they desperately need.

    And the welfare fraud may not even be the worst of it. The documents also suggest that Meredith abandoned his wife and child financially. Of course, Meredith claimed that he has no memory of signing up for state assistance and then tried to shift the blame to his ex-wife. So much for so-called Republican “family values.”

    The Cumberland County GOP issued a statement on Wednesday calling on Meredith to re-pay the taxpayers for the funds if the allegations are true like the documents show. And the North Carolina Senate Caucus called the accusations “desperate and despicable” and proceeded to smear Democratic candidate Billy Richardson.

    In the end, the documents show that Meredith did indeed make a six-figure income and that he and his family did apply for and receive welfare benefits, even though they didn’t need the aid. Republicans have been attacking welfare recipients for years, accusing them of stealing money from taxpayers. As it turns out, a real thief of tax dollars was hiding right under their own noses in their own party. That has got to be embarrassing.
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    Durham, NH
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    These people are incapable of being embarrassed. As long as the typical under-informed voter continue to vote for people based on misinformation and outright lies instead of actually doing the slightest bit of research on them, we will all lose.
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    Denton, TX
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    I hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
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    Ft.myers, FL
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    Here in FL we have Mr Rick Scott who stole billions from Medicare and got away with pleading the "fifth" 50 times; he kept his billions and "bought" his way into the job. He was bribed by the sugar industry to keep his mouth shut about the polution this industry does to our waterways and beaches.
    But he shows an add on TV walking on a super clean beach (could not have been here) hand in hand with his wife, like he is the sweetest thing on earth. I guess this is America on its best. Unbelievable!!