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Michelle Obama admittedly watches 'Scandal'. Is it really as good as all the hype?

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    President Obama says he doesn't watch ABC's 'Scandal', but apparently Michelle does. On a trip to Hawaii, Michelle reportedly binge-watched a few seasons in just a matter of days, completely catching up on the then 40 episodes of the show.

    Now entering it's 4th season, Scandal remains one of the many, many D.C. based shows that are now being called 'must-watch TV', along with the likes of 'House of Cards', 'Veep, and 'Homeland'. I'm a big House of Cards fan. But I haven't yet given any of the other shows a shot.

    Scandal seems pretty soap opera-y too me. Anyone here watch it? Is it worth any of the hype its receiving? I have heard that the narrative twists and turns alone are worth your time. Agree? Is there any hint of accuracy with this program, or is it just the fantasy land version of DC? Curious to see what everyone here thinks, as I do like Washington based dramas, I just don't know about this one..