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automotive energy requirement comprehensivity

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    A correspondent (ex-wife and potential Tesla buyer) forwarded me this extensive
    Article. I think it worth sharing with the Demohub constituency (in case any of you
    Are contemplating a Tesla purchase). Of course, I include my comments.
    (and to, I think, “Eternal Flame”’s query about the American militia movement – the
    Title of the book was FALSE PROPHETS – but there’s so much on militias and
    Especially Biblical “false prophets” that I haven’t found the specific publication nor
    Its author. If/when I do I’ll post.)

    The Tesla article is by David Noland/Green Car Reports
    “Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than A SUV?”

    Fascinating and comprehensive article. He's certainly open-minded, acknowledging Weiss's deleterious data.
    I still advocate the hybrid system -- with the battery either recharged "on the fly" by conventional engine (which can also solely power the vehicle) -- and the battery capable of recharge by plug-in.
    With all the variables integrated into calculations (an impossibility), Tesla and other all-electrics and other high-efficiency engine (and fuel) total energy consumptions and emissions might be insignificantly different.
    I categorize as follows:
    1) fossil-fuel is a finite resource. Any alternative energy and motive substitute that allows us to preserve
    the wells and shales thereof should be implemented. Eventually what we have not used will come to be
    humanity's "emergency supply" if alternatives don't work out.
    2) Electrical generation will be necessary for "fueling" (charging) all-electrics as well as chargeable hybrids.
    That solar and wind and other "alternatives generation" systems will probably be far from sufficient to
    power electric automotive culture -- means "conventional power plant" generation and fuels of same
    will be required. "conventional fossil" fuel demand will continue.
    3) Therefore
    a) a system of fuel supply already instated should be integrated with the electric alternative. The battery
    exchange at the existing network of filling stations (dispensing gas as usual) seems most advisable.
    b) when, if, "renewable" generation suffices to power all electric mobility, then curtail the combustion
    part of the hybrid, for by then, given regional renewable generation, "charging stations" will be
    4) But I think the automotive alternative that's going to have to take place is a life-style paradigm-shift.
    We've got to stop driving so much, commuting so far, demanding that our vehicles (in actuality used such
    a proportionate minority of a day's hours) provide space-capsule-combined-with-yacht technological
    5) If another, such as I, finally (I'm old) drives no more than 25 miles a week, who cares? But our statistical
    base has to be not only the stop-and-go "migrations" of major city contemporary commutes, but that this
    Inanity is infecting China, Korea, and next the swarms of the upwardly-mobile in India !!
    We've created a monster (or disease) that we've called and considered "progress". Why am I thinking that
    "existential hemophilia" has come to be the quest to avoid social high blood pressure?
    You figure that last statement out.
    And check out "THE WAR EFFORT GOT US OUT OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION. . . . .NOW WE NEED A GOVERNMENT FUNDED PEACE EFFORT . . . . . . . . for further considerations of fuels and factors of what our grand-children's children may need to survive.
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    Ft.myers, FL
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    "schneider" yes you got a great story. I like to add that this country is 100 years behind developped European countries related to infrastructure. That is the reason for extensive fuel use, because the public transportation system here is still not developped as it should be. The main modes of transportation here is either the car or the plane; both of which are big poluters. Here in South West FL there are no trains or commuter trains; the highways are always jammed; plenty of airports, which planes spew polution as a crop duster. So it is all our own fault. We rather spent it on useless wars and war equipment.
    Tesla or no Tesla it will not make much of a dent in the fossil fuel use; electric plants use either natural gas or coal. Also the price of these cars is way to high for trailer dwellers; so nice toy but has no impact. Kind of weird that Siemens ( Germany) has to supply here commuter trains; so indeed we are running way behind.