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FSU About Faces, Suspends Winston For One Game Over Obscene Sexual Remark

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    Florida State reversed course today and decided to bench Heisman winning quarterback Jameis Winston for the entire game today, just days after only suspending him for the first half of the game. The suspension stems from an incident earlier this week where he stood up on a table in the school's student union and allegedly shouted “F*** her right in the p****!” at the top of his lungs. The incident was documented by dozens of students who quickly took to social media to report his actions.

    Winston was originally suspended for the first half of the game, but they did an about face and suspended him for the entire game following public outcry and a possible public relations disaster.

    Most everyone knows that this is not Winston's first merry-go-round when it comes to getting himself in trouble. The recent rape allegations against him that were swept under the rug by an incompetent police investigation and university that would rather protect their star quarterback than protect their female students was just one in a long line of negative situations Winston continues to find himself in.

    The next question is whether the NFL is paying any attention to this slow moving train wreck taking place before their eyes. Their recent public relations disaster(s) can't help when it comes to evaluating whether to take on an individual like Jameis Winston. It will be a real test to see if the almighty dollar is above all, even if they are nearly positive that he will eventually do something to disgrace himself and the league.

    Is Winston's one game punishment enough for today, or should Florida State think long and hard before reactivating someone who obviously doesn't know how to stay out of trouble? Do you think this was just a juvenile action done by a college student or is it something more indicative of who he really is as a person?
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    This is who Jameis Winston is and as troubled he is now, I see more to come. I'm sure some smart woman is calculating her tact with Winston and setting him up as for a future lawsuit. I do not think Winston will change and will get worst as more money, especially from the NFL as they begin to fill his bank account. He cares less for others and will see much the same as those in the NFL criminal lime light currently.

    It should not be about winning with Winston, because from football screening, I see a clear looser.
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    True to form, Rush Limbaugh apparently thinks this clown deserves a standing ovation for his outburst:

    This morning, there was a petition circulating to throw the old scumbag off the air (which I signed) and I honestly think it's just a matter of time before he's gone altogether.
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    No. That couldn't be further from the truth.

    Rush and his caller were lamenting the likely response of the students. That being, a cheer, when their "star" returned to the field in the second half. He is quite old fashion and looks at this scummy act in disgust as most of us on both sides of the isle do.

    I enjoy reading Jareds posts, and on one occasion, he has corrected me in an error of fact (Remember the concrete?) (though in my defense, I would argue it was foolish of Hamas to use this "dual use" product for military purposes. :) Forgive me... ha ha... it's tough to stand corrected. I'll have to bare my burden. :)

    We should engage in discussions (sometimes heated) of economic, military and foreign policy. We should never demonize an individual or organization when we have to option to intelligently engage in peaceful debate.

    I apologize for chastising you harshly, but consider this. What if, for the benefit of both liberals and conservatives, they must unite against a common foe attacking the liberties of both. It is much easier to unite with a person with whom you disagree than to unite with a person who you think is a demon.

    If you think this far fetched, consider the the nearly omniscient, nearly omnipotent and nearly omnipresent Department of Homeland Security... created by a conservative? Don't think anybody can control this leviathan.

    As we learned after WWll, the Japanese were formidable foes but make much better friends.
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    Japan became quite docile and friendly, only after the disaster that came during WWII. America did come to their aid, which also helped formulate relations. Today, if you ask Japan residents, they will say, "we should have never had the ambitions of dominating the world and attacking America'.
    Also, today, Japan is regaining it's own military as an ally with America and other countries. Both Japan and America have business relations and extend frequent and friendly travel between our countries.

    As for Jameis Winston, being excluded from the entire FSU game yesterday, it apparently did not matter. FSU won eventually. Jameis will say or do something vile in the very near future. Jameis is so predictable as a media spectacle and potential criminal. I hope he wakes up and sees life as something to work hard at treating others as he would like to be treated. Than again, maybe Jameis desires to be treated badly. There are medical issues in people that exhibit self-destructing life-styles.
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    Back to the topic.... I was very disappointed by this whole mess.
    An FSU student said "I knew it was Jameis because the cops (on scene) didn't see/hear a thing" .....Errrrrr !
    The guy is a talented stupid jerk. I wanted so badly for his stupid act to cost his team with a loss. Unfortunately, the coach for Clemson
    is inept. The whole stunt was bad because of his negative history. I'll continue to see Jameis exactly as I see Kobe Bryant. An athlete
    with much wealth (in Jameis case wealth of alum's.) who doesn't pay the price for rape. That's why I'll always hate Jameis and Florida
    State. Hopefully in time - justice will find it's way.
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    Tony sooner latter these clowns get their due. Look at good ol' OJ. He might have beat the murder rap but he's doing the time. It's only a matter of time before all these animals get paid back by society.