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CVS drug store chain discontinues all tobacco product sales

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    CVS discontinues tobacco products

    In a way, though, CVS is only standing on futile principle. Those who will smoke will just go elsewhere to purchase. And in so doing, probably make their pharma purchases where the butts and chew can be got.
    And liquor is sold all over the place. And now the marketing of cannabis.

    Considering the decrease in smoking through the last decades, the continuance is, to me, an acceptable aspect of human variation, choice, even ill-advised (and even leading to illness). The scope is so far below the "epidemic level" of the past now re. the lungs -- that the focus really needs to shift to what people are sucking into their digestive systems.

    CVS is big enough that the differential between profit from tobacco and costs of distribution/stocking/ sales of the items may even be insignificant for them. A figure of several million dollars was quoted on the news -- as sales loss. But what merchandising (etc.) cost?

    Walgreens and others will continue to sell.
    But should they all form a contra-cigarette coalition, Walmart would become the emporium for emphysemaic enterprise -- and benefit by having that much more business at their own pharmacies.
    Total banning of anything should obviously be seen (have been proven) as counter-productive at least. We have a span from Prohibition through to the present with the "Defeat on Drugs" (as I see it) for evidence.
    At this point, cigarette smoking is bad for you, but most people control how much they smoke. And so many don't smoke. Watching movies (or even remembering first-hand experience of my generation), it's almost astounding that people smoked everywhere. During court proceedings. In a couple college lecture halls during the lectures. In part of Radio City Music Hall. In hospitals, doctors' offices. Up and down the supermarket aisles. Everywhere.
    It's almost like CVS has done something post-facto the necessity of doing something. But maybe better late than never . . . . or butt-er late than . . . . nevermind.