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Root For Tommy Chong on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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    The new cast for season 19 of 'Dancing with the Stars' was just announced, and Tommy Chung of all characters was named as one of the latest contestants for the show. Tommy. Chong. You know, Chong of Cheech & Chong? Yeah.. he is going to be dancing on evening tv with the likes of Randy Couture (MMA athlete) , Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and Michael Waltrip (NASCAR racer). His pairing will be Peta Murgatroyd.

    I don't know exactly why this strikes me as strange. I mean, Chong has been on tv shows before; he had a reoccurring guest appearance on 'That 70's Show' as the token stoner that works at a record shop, constantly baked into idiocy. Funny role. But then again, that makes a bit more sense for him to assume that kind of role, as its poking fun at his wheelhouse of being an advocate for marijuana use and culture.

    Actually, maybe that's why its surprises me to see his name here. Not only will it be strange to see him try and salsa, but also for him to work for 'the man' in this way, so obviously for a paycheck, flies in the face of his activism toward certain policies and his proclivity toward counter culture. I'm not saying that he is selling out necessary by doing this. But maybe something close. What does everyone else think? Good or bad for Tommy Chong? Are you going to root for the guy this season? I think I will, if for no other reason than the side show feel of the whole affair; should be fun to watch.