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Alex Wagner Marries America's 'First Chef' in Weekend Wedding

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    I can only imagine how many wedding invitations the President and First Family receive each year, but they can only attend the ones of people they consider true friends. This past weekend saw one of those true friends when the longtime Obama family chef married MSNBC's rising star Alex Wagner.

    Wagner and Sam Kass married on Saturday in New York after a two year courtship that was under the radar for much of the time. It is no surprise that they kept their relationship quiet for so long because of Wagner's role as a journalist and the close friendship that Kass had with President Obama.

    Kass has been by President Obama's side since his days in Chicago and the President said he considers him a true friend. He is also one of the many people who have been by the President's side since day one of his Administration, so it is of no surprise that the First Family would take the time to attend their wedding.

    I've also enjoyed watching Alex Wagner's show these past couple years and I think she has a good interview style that goes more in depth than many other media personalities on the airwaves. She is a breath of fresh air compared to the countless sub par 'journalists' inundating our airwaves.

    Does anyone follow Wagner's show? Do you agree that she is one of MSNBC's top personalities or do you think that title belongs to someone else on the station?
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    I agree! She is better than many of them, not a high bar if you include Fox News , I know! but she is very good!
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    Did Obama wear the Tan suit to the wedding????..........Where's the media shots like going to the Emmy's???? In having the president and his family attend your wedding, we all would be impressed and treasure a golden moment in what be one those memorable life experiences....a marriage that hopefully will last as long as mine and longer. I'm at 45 years married to the same woman and still remember that moment. To have the President to attend.......priceless, but I hope it did not overshadow that stoppage in time when it is pronounced........"You may kiss the bride".

    May the new Kass couple have a happy life forever.