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meanwhile, on planet Zorg

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    Most of us are aware of the fact that the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party exists in a parallel universe. If you happened to catch the video of the "Impeach Obama" overpass protestors in Ohio (all of whom get their information ONLY from Glenn Back and FOX "news") you'd wind up just shaking your head at their stupidity.

    As you're aware, I continue to receive the Personal Liberty Digest on a daily basis in order to provide comic relief to my life. A column in today's edition, which advocates Republicans getting tough on Obama (you mean, they haven't been already?) makes an interesting read, and brings up the same old tired arguments the crazy people just won't let go of:
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    Arizona -- Thanks for sharing the website. It looks like it is operated by Bob Livingston, another crazy conspiracy theory guy that hates Obama. There are lots of websites out there like Personal Liberty that appeal to the fringe...those that live in alternative universe. And you cannot convince these people one iota with logic or facts.
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    Planet Zorg ???? Oh, we must be having another religious conversation. Is this when Bat Man, Spiderman, and john Belushi can all sit down in the afterlife and listen to Elvis and Tupac??

    I love magic...all is possible