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Amanda Curtis for Senate...Montana's best.

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    When I was vacationing in Montana recently, I became aware of Amanda Curtis, a 34 year old school teacher from Butte, Montana. My sister spoke highly of her, and therefore out of curiosity I watched some of her YouTube monologues of her life as a Representative for the Montana legislature. Wow, I refreshing to have someone speak so honestly, not worrying about the political repercussions.

    After I returned home, I saw in the news that she was nominated by the Democratic Party as the replacement for Senator Walsh, who had to withdraw his name because of plagiarism charges. No one gives her much of a chance to beat the Republican candidate, Steve Daines. After all, Montana is a red state, and although she won a seat in the Montana legislature, it was because she is from Butte, a Democratic stronghold.

    The Washington Post did a piece on her which you should read:

    Washington Post: Meet Amanda Curtis. She’s a gun control-supporting vlogger. She’s also the Democratic Senate nominee in Montana.

    But if you want to follow how her campaign is going, I urge you to go to this Facebook page of a photographer friend, Dark Sevier, that is going to follow her around.

    Dark Sevier Facebook

    And his website, Politics as Usual.

    Politics as Usual, August 20, 2014: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: Montana Edition

    If nothing else, the Facebook photo of Sevier with his dog at the Silver Dollar bar in Butte should perk your interest. This bar is where Amanda sometimes plays in a band.

    Follow Amanda Curtis and share these links. I can assure you there is not another more interesting candidate for public office anywhere in the USA.

    Oh and if you look for her YouTube videos, the first thing you'll find is a Republican prepared ad consisting of several highly edited clips from her YouTube videos expressing her opinions. For Republicans at least, it is politics as usual. For Amanda she is what many of us really want in a candidate.

    Go Amanda!