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Lost power for the people

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    Hi to anyone who reads this?
    I need to come clean!!! I am a dead beat, a bad credit risk, a loser, that’s me!!!! Ask any bank or credit card Company, the government even my insurance company and anyone else I deal with where me paying them is our only relationship. Yeap! that’s me!!! Why you asked. It’s very simple. The banks can’t do business with me because I’m retired living on a fixed income and their banking policy prohibits them from lending to anyone that lives above the poverty level , pays their bills on time, has very little debt, a retirement fund, some spendable income and some assets. Did I forget to mention I lost most of my retirement funds and the equity in my home due to the last (BIG) recession? Remember, The recession when millions of people lost their jobs and the congress withheld unemployment benefits to those out of work for over a year, the recession when the government felt such an overwhelming concern for the future of the banks and the Corporations so they took our money (yes, you and me and our tax dollars) and used it to bail out the banks. I suppose my bail out is still lost in the mail!!!!!
    My dead beat status was confirmed when I ran into a needed roof repair due to hail damage. My Insurance Company covered most of it but I was still short several thousand dollars. The bank turned me down on a refinance or equity loan because (Are you ready for this one) I used my credit cards up to their limit (I have four credit cards, two of them that lay dormant in my wallet with a $300.00 credit limits, hard not to reach that with one shopping trip). Best surprise of all was when I was told that (low and behold – new rules!!!) banks don’t lend to anyone whose credit score is less than 750... You know those of us that don’t need a loan. The only thing the banks care about is your credit score. Gone are the days when if you paid your bills on time, had a steady income and stayed out of jail counted for something.
    Maybe we are not as lucky as we thought to live in the USA the wealthiest country in the world and guess what; it can’t afford to give its TAX paying citizens the right to life. I think we should all cross the Mexican border and use their government sponsored health care.…. If you prefer you can cross the ocean any ocean and find almost any country you land in (England, France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan) that will provide you with health care. My concerns for this country are so great I’m almost glad that I’m old. I feel sorry for the younger generation. Let’s hope they wise up and make a noisy fuss over our self serving do noting and sometimes very stupid congress.
    If I was one of the wealthiest corporations in the nation I would have no worries. Not leaky roofs or credit scores. No sir, I’d have enough money to buy anything I want including the government. Money talks and it is very loud. I would guess that most congressmen we elected are bought and paid for by special interest groups or their own ill gotten wealth and Lobbyist. A Lobbyist is a former Politian’s after they are out of office and are for sale. They sell their insider information among other stuff and barter your vote away to the highest bidder for what else????? Money and power and lots of both. We can get our country back if you VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Your tax dollar belongs in your pocket or purse not as payment to some self servicing shady politicians. Or we can wait until the middle class is gone and no one has any spendable income because the nations wise and powerful Politian’s have given us a better place to live, it’s called HELL.
    Did you know that the Supreme Court Justices have determined that A CORPORATION is a person!! How ridicules’ is that? I wonder do corporations have a favorite food or car or book, do they fall in love and have children, do they get hungry, go on a diet, feel tired or sick, die from cancer or get infected by the aids virus, can they donate a kidney, call a cab, or get old and crippled, or best of all, PAY TAXES??? I guess the answer to those questions is NO, BUT (and it’s a big BUT), The corporate officers get PREFERRED STOCK as part of their salary. Their Preferred stock (can’t be lost) that comes with a written guarantee even if the company fails (read it again)!!!!!. Not extended to Common share holders. You know like you and me!!!!!! A corporation is an inanimate object; it’s a piece of paper, that’s it. . Come on Mr. Supreme Court Justice, we are not stupid!! What did you trade us for?????-- (just asking?)
    Eventually we will all be destroyed by Global warming unless the government stops spending your tax dollars on fighting other countries wars for them and spends it on research to stop Global Warming and excessive oil drilling. The Politian’s keep shouting that Global warming is a myth it doesn’t exist as they stand in a shower of fresh water provided by the melting glaciers. The cold states are now warmers and warm states colder, dry places wetter, wet places dryer and it’s all more unpredictable. Did you know that the US has more oil than any other country in the world and that you can drive an (no gas needed) ELECTRIC CAR??? The big oil company’s fear that is if WE knew about all the oil we have we’d stop them from inventing new ways to destroy the earth with untested drilling techniques... This secret allows the Politian the freedom to only acknowledge that, yes, some days are wet, some hot, some cold that’s nature and nothing has changed. I guess the Politian’s shouting that garbage hope to live long enough not to drown in their own lies and glacier water.
    As long as these things keep happening and we remain among the eroding middle class you’ll have no chance of seeing your children reach their fullest potential or you having a comfortable retirement,or medical care provide by the government or having unfound wealth. (Here’s a small bit of information to enlighten you) Did you know that if you saved as an example around $15,000.00 for a year the interest it would earn if left in your local bank would be about $20.00...? There’s your unfound wealth! Lunch is on you, WHEeeeee!!!!! All the while those banks and corporations that you bailed out are enjoying cart blanch to pursue their vastly growing empires. All of this has nothing to do with your politics, with your religion, with your color or whether you are good or bad. It’s just the place where you now live in this great nation; you have become one of the invisable people. You are a member of a transparent living breathing taxpaying group called the American middle class. Don’t expect your government to hold you up because they can’t see you. You don’t exist. The only thing that exists in their political world is to get you to vote for them and if that’s not possible then somehow get you not to vote... You are like the walking dead, you are invisible, transparent, and their best tool in their tool box of deceit and trickery. So snuggle up in your favorite chair, watch your favorite shows on TV and eat your favorite snacks because that’s it, that’s the best you’ll ever get. Enjoy!
    One of the invisible masses
  • Liberal Democrat
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    Dmart -- Welcome to the Democratic Hub. You sure unloaded your thoughts and frustrations. I think you'll find many on this website that will agree with you. I could comment on several points, but I'll just choose the one that is closest to my heart right now: VOTE VOTE VOTE!

    I register voters in Colorado. It should be an automatic part of our democracy but I have to often cajole and sell people on why it's important. It should not be a tough sell. Not only that, people are too lazy to vote.

    I keep reading about the disproportionate demographics in Ferguson, MO. African Americans make up 67 percent of the population but are heavily underrepresented in the city government and police force. Then I read that voter turnout at the last election was only 13 percent. Unless the African Americans can get energized and register to vote...and then VOTE, they will be destined to have little representation in government.

    I think that is happening now in a small way after the Michael Brown shooting. Republicans don't like that:

    As reported by Breitbart website:

    "Reports of the voter registration tables have been reported via liberal activists on social media.

    “In front of the makeshift memorial where Mike Brown was killed, they've set up a voter registration table,” tweeted Jessica Lee, a Human rights attorney at the Center For Constitutional Rights wrote on Twitter. In an interview with Breitbart News, Missouri RNC executive director Matt Wills expressed outrage about the reports.

    “If that’s not fanning the political flames, I don’t know what is,” Wills said, “I think it’s not only disgusting but completely inappropriate.”

    There you go Dems...better shut the voter registration down. Republicans think it's "disgusting".