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It's Official: Chuck Todd Will Replace David Gregory at 'Meet the Press'

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    NBC finally ended the months long speculation over David Gregory's future today and announced that Chuck Todd will be taking over the reigns of 'Meet the Press' on September 7th. Management at NBC has been widely panned for their handling of Gregory's troubles and they recognized that they had to do something definitive soon after seeing their flagship program tank in the rankings after being the number one political Sunday show for decades.

    It will be quite interesting to see if Todd will be able to bring the show back from the bottom. He is widely respected in the political community and everyone who knows him is impressed with his deep knowledge of the political landscape. The main question is whether he will be able to hold politicians feet to the fire, like the late Tim Russert was famously able to do and Gregory was never able to do. This will be his biggest test, especially with the midterm elections right around the corner after he takes over.

    Gregory's twenty plus year tenure at NBC is now over. He Tweeted that he will be leaving the station and thanked his viewers for a great twenty years.

    What does everyone think about today's news? Will Todd be able to bring back 'Meet the Press' from the bottom of the rankings or is it too late to save the once dominant show?
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    I wasn't a fan of David Gregory and gave up watching Meet the Press long time ago. Gregory needed to go. Maybe he'll go over to Fox News where he is a better fit. However, Chuck Todd may not be the best choice to replace him. Todd, of course, does his homework, but he doesn't seem to be the charismatic character that would openly challenge his guests when they are bull shitting.

    Another of the problems with the Sunday morning talk shows like MTP is not the host but the guests. Lately they are nothing more than a platform for over the hill politicians like John McCain to continue his anti-Obama campaign. And if it's not McCain, it's his side kick, Lindsay Graham. They never offer anything but worn out platitudes.

    So if Chuck Todd wants to resurrect the show, he needs to interview new guests with some intellectual insight into events instead of those that are known for regurgitating the same ole talking points. No more John McCain and no more Lindsay Graham. They are two broken records playing the same scratchy tune over and over again.

    I much prefer to watch CNN's Fareed Zakaria. Okay he's not so charismatic but at least he can get into some deeper intellectual discussions.

    My choice would have been Rachel Maddow, but I suppose none of the bullshitters would dare go on her program.
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    Todd is another useless POA who never asks the correct questions or follows up when these clowns he is supposedly interviewing start to stonewall. He is no better than Gregory! Anyone (but morning Bloviate Scarborough) would be better than either of these two.
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    This is one of the reasons why I don't watch NBC's Meet the Press:

    Media Matters: Inflammatory Meet The Press Guest Uses Michael Brown Shooting To Mislead On Criminal Justice Racism

    The Sunday guest, Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute falsely claimed that "here is no evidence that the overrepresentation of blacks in prison or arrest statistics is a result of criminal justice racism." In fact, as Media Matters points out: "studies have found "conclusively" that disproportionate incarceration for African Americans is attributed to "racial bias."

    Media Matters notes that "Mac Donald has a history of racially inflammatory comments, including claiming that young African-American males have a "lack of self-discipline"; that it is "common sense that black students are more likely to be disruptive" than white students; and that black men possess a "lack of impulse control that results in ... mindless violence on the streets.""

    So why put a controversial figure like Heather MacDonald on Meet The Press in the first place? They knew about her history before inviting her, much like they know all about John McCain's talking points before regularly bringing him on the show.

    Mainstream Media at its worst.
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    I came across this article in The nation, and since it echoed my sentiments of Meet The Press, I thought I would share it.

    Eric Alterman and Reed Richardson, The Nation, August 20, 2014: If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet the (1 Percent) Press

    "As a result, most Sunday news show hosts serve as purveyors of the Washington conventional wisdom as much as, if not more than, the officeholders they’re purportedly covering. Meet the Press , and with it the whole Sunday morning news show genre, has devolved into a kind of cloistered, clubby, faux-accountability chinwag, one where a rich and powerful host mostly asks gentle questions of rich and powerful politicians about things that mostly only matter to rich and powerful viewers. (Or, even worse, rich and powerful journalists and pundits simply talk amongst themselves.) Voices and issues considered outside the mainstream—or in D.C. parlance, “not serious”—end up either marginalized or completely disappeared from the discourse. Need more proof? Look no further than the Sunday news show advertisers, a list of which is routinely populated by multinational conglomerates and defense contractors. ( Boeing exclusively sponsors the Meet the Press news app .) These companies know that the ‘programming’ they’re selling adjacent to on Sunday morning isn’t about to question the status quo."

    And in case anyone is feeling sorry for David Gregory, NBC bought out his contract for $4 million. Gregory is (was) a part of that "cloistered, clubby, faux-accountability chinwag." And Chuck Todd will work hard climbing that ladder to join the club. Follow the money...
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    Schmidt Wrote: And in case anyone is feeling sorry for David Gregory, NBC bought out his contract for $4 million. Gregory is (was) a part of that "cloistered, clubby, faux-accountability chinwag." And Chuck Todd will work hard climbing that ladder to join the club. Follow the money...
    That's quite an interesting article. Thanks for sharing that.

    I watch all of the Sunday shows, but I don't watch them to become more informed; I mainly watch them to document how many weeks in a row John McCain is on one of them.

    All jokes aside--this is a serious problem that we must figure out how to address. Our media is supposed to be the fourth estate. They are supposed to hold our government in check and not allow them to skirt the issues. However, what they have morphed into is, as you said, a 'cloistered, clubby, faux-accountability chinwag.'

    How can we push back against this? Sure, there are plenty of apolitical news sites out there, but the vast majority of Americans are not interested in hearing apolitical news anymore. Most Americans want to hear, read, and watch only the things that reinforce their dogmatic beliefs and can not think outside of that box.

    The corporatization of the news is the exact antithesis of what our founders had in mind when they enshrined the freedom of the press in the first amendment. I think that most of them would be rolling over in their graves if they knew that the press has become a mouthpiece for major corporations and the government they are supposed to be holding in check.

    The only news program I have minimal faith in is PBS Newshour. They actually report (some of) the news and do detailed reporting on a host of issues. Unfortunately, less than one million of the three hundred million people living in this country watch it. The other problem is that even they have been bought out by rich billionaires who want to ensure that their criminal acts are largely ignored or muddied enough to create apathy throughout the masses. Case in point--the Koch brothers, who 'donate' millions of dollars to PBS. Surprise surprise, there aren't many negative stories about the brothers buying out our government on that channel.
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    I've noticed that NPR and PBS are becoming a lot more Koch friendly since their public funding dried up and the Koch's were more than happy to infiltrate them. The only thing you can trust is your own (hopefully) good judgment , aquired over the years, and most people are totally incapable of separating fact from fancy, unfortunately . I'm glad I was around fifty years ago and happy I won't be fifty years from now!