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James Brady, Staunch Gun Control Advocate, Dead at 73

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    James Brady, former Press Secretary for President Reagan and the namesake of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, died today. He was 73.

    Brady was shot in the forehead during the assassination attempt on President Reagan and was confined to a wheelchair for much of the rest of his life. He also became a staunch gun control advocate and used his stature to help pass what the LA Times called 'the largest change in federal firearms regulation in a generation.' He spent the rest of his life forcefully fighting for common sense gun control regulation.

    The gun control movement lost an icon today and it will be very difficult to fill his shoes. What does everyone think of Mr. Brady and his lifelong commitment to eradicating gun violence?
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    Brady has launched sea of protest into gun advocacy. Many groups and individuals have stepped up before his death. Brady should be championed or herald as a pioneer as against guns and promoting "STRICT" Gun Control. The war is on and us (gun control advocates) against the dreaded NRA and gun manufacturers. We the People will stand against the demise of lies and greed of an evil enterprise desiring only to populate the country with guns and promote a free-for-all shoot out. If only the stupid would shoot each other, than maybe guns wouldn't be a bad thing, but no it is the innocent and those that fall victim to the stupid with guns.

    God bless you, Brady and God Speed to your well earned time away from the lunacy of gun advocacy.
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    James Brady's death ruled a homicide 33 years after he was shot

    Reports are coming out now that the man that shot Brady 33 years ago actually contributed to his ultimate demise. The gunshot wound that left Brady permanently paralyzed apparently also can be directly linked to his failing health, to the point to where they are now calling the 1981 incident a homicide. Its not clear if the man that claimed insanity all those years ago can or will be further punished by law because of this or not.

    I wonder, is that a homicide if a gunshot wound takes 33 years to kill someone?
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    It was a horrible tragedy the day that gunshot occurred. The intended victim was President Reagan, but his secret service guard pushed him into the car & left poor Brady, a press secretary for Reagan, who just happened to be standing nearby & suffered a near fatal shot. Getting a shot to the head is usually fatal, but in this case, was equivalent to a massive stroke. Making Brady crippled for the rest of his life.

    The shooter was a friend of the George H.W. Bush family. (Or more precisely, a "son" of the Bush family friend). His name was John Hinckley, who
    was apparently judged "not guilty" (due to insanity). He was kept in an institution for a long time, then gradually let out for "family visits" (for longer & longer periods) --- 12 visits a year, (for 10 days each, in 2011) & in 2013, each visit was increased to 17 days. (Thereby cutting his prison sentence down to HALF).

    All this special "favoritism" was given to Hinckley, due to his parents were friends with Geo. H.W. Bush, so see that "Wealth hath its privileges."
    SOON we shall see if people go "scott free" after the victim of Hinckley's gun assault has DIED, all of these years later.