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Another GOP Investigation on Benghazi Finishes: No Wrongdoing

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    So, the latest GOP investigation into Benghazi concludes and it is discovered that there was no wrongdoing by Obama Administration. Something that has already been established for a year and a half. Rep. Mike Thompson says that this investigation "confirms that no one was deliberately misled, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was given."

    This particular investigation cost the taxpayers over 5 and a half million dollars. For those keeping count, these is the 7th Congressional investigation. And everyone single one of them has come to the exact same conclusion as the one before it. Which means there is a good chance that this isn't the final investigation.
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    I certainly hope that this news gets passed on to Trey Gowdy, who is the chairman of a SEPARATE committee to investigate Benghazi, which John Boehner started on May 9:

    The $5,000,000 (or so) that Darrell Issa has wasted investigating Benghazi is a lot of money, but it pales in comparison to the $14,000,000 that he has wasted on the IRS "scandal":

    As it turns out, Lois Lerner is a very good judge of character:

    Incidentally, if you think that the "Fast and Furious" case has finally been settled, Issa expressed an interest in continuing THAT "investigation" in January of this year:
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    If you sling enough mud, perhaps some will stick. Unfortunately, that's why we've not heard the last of these topics. Children on the playground screaming offensive comments will continue to do so. That's the quick summary of our govt. They're loud, rude, and immature. I think a rally cry for the next couple of elections should be......if they are an incumbent, vote to replace them.
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    I think that having "frivolous" investigations over & over again, at great expense (unnecessary expense) to WE the taxpayers, should be more than sufficient cause to GET RID of some of those nitwit Republicans. It is obviously done with criminal intent, to try to eliminate the Democrats from office. If the Repubs can't WIN fair & square, they just drum up false charges & launch an investigation. And hope that the voters will be dumb enough to vote out whoever was charged with the FALSE allegations.

    If these phoney investigations are repeated over & over again at expenses exceeding $million$ of OUR Treasury, then it should be recognized as a crime in itself. How many trials do you need in order to be proved Guilty or Not Guilty? Just ONE, I assume for most crimes.

    For frivolous useage of the courts in America, further bankrupting our US Govt, to Try & Re-try the same accusations over again, which every time the person is "Not Guilty" --- the GOP MUST PAY for the cost of ALL the extra trials, -- NOT the innocent taxpayer/citizens of America.

    Since when does JUSTICE consist of you getting to try & re-try your opponent, until you can FORCE the decision to be Guilty?
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    Although Hillary and Obama, and just about everyone else, has been found NOT GUILTY of wrong doing in relation to Benghazi by at least 3 separate commission, some of the die hards in Congress aren't giving up yet ..

    Language in the House Appropriations Committee’s draft of a fiscal 2016 state-foreign operations bill would order the withholding of 15 percent of the department’s operations budget, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, until it fulfills certain requirements on the appropriate preserving of electronic communications and handling of Freedom of Information Act requests.

    The amount of money involves is on the order of $700 million, and is described as "punishment for the amount of time it is taking the agency to produce the emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

    To me, the whole idea sounds like extortion.

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    Todays news ( on Climate Change indicates that GOP is spending $125M to squash Climate Change or Global Warming advocates. Promoting denial and falsehoods of climate change is a trick of GOP to continue delaying America and the World to stop destroying the environment. Even though climate change advocates attempt to improve industrial and wasteful acts in the world, Big Business and Politics seem it is necessary to deny and forget the importance of ignorant people that are destroying the Earth.

    Since your tabulating costs in waste and abuse, please add this to the tally. Benghazi or not, it's still wasteful spending.

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    that guy in Arizona Wrote: To me, the whole idea sounds like extortion.

    Would you expect anything else from our Republican "leaders?"

    It's almost as if Republicans would rather see America fall apart before ever admitting that their whole conniption fit about Benghazi was just one big elaborate charade.

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    Benghazi is peanuts compared to what is still to come; how about our huge embassy in Iraq; Isis would score big if they can flatten that. But the US will spent more and more money to protect our embassy's and consulates; so our enemy's will have reached their goal anyway to make us suffer, money wise.

    Yes the world around us gives plenty of signals that they think we are an arrogant nation; but we don't listen or want to understand the world around us.