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Vehicle Mileage Tax To Possibly Replace Gas Tax

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    Some lawmakers in Maryland, California and Oregon are pushing for a new kind of tax on driving, known as the vehicle mileage tax, or some minor variation of that phrasing anyways. Basically the idea is to tax people per mile they drive in their car. Maybe 1.5 cents. Maybe 5 cents. That part isn't figured out just yet.

    What is stated though is the purpose of this seemingly ridiculous proposal: since the automotive industry in general is going further and further away from the need of gasoline (with higher fuel efficiency, hybrids, and of course electrics) the gas tax is proving to be less lucrative. So, of course some lawmakers are aiming to sure up the loose ends on any people that thought they would get away from being taxed to drive by making it a requirement to pay up, no matter the fuel used.

    They propose to accomplish this by tracking everyone's mileage with GPS enabled devices. Little is known as to how 'they' actually propose to hand out the millions of devices required to pull off such a feat. Will people have to buy them? Or, will they be 'free', paid for by the taxpayer ultimately? Not sure yet.

    Look, I understand taxes are necessary and all. But, I cannot get behind the logic or fairness of this idea. Can you?
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    Since I wrote this, I've been doing a good amount of research, digging into the finer details of the proposed new VMT tax program. I think the fear at first for most of the detractors is that the new tax will be labeled as an additional fee on drivers, as opposed to being a tax code to replace and phase out the current gasoline tax code. If it is meant to just replace it, then I am actually onboard. But, if it becomes in addition to, I strongly oppose.

    Anyone from Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada or Maryland (the 5 states that I know are researching/seriously moving forward to implement this program) familiar or have an opinion as to which way this program leans, fee vs tax? What are your thoughts on this?

    Here's a good video on the subject: Rep. Blumenaur (D-OR) Advocates VMT Tax

    For several other articles and videos on this, check out: Car Taxes Main Page