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Vultures Capitalizing off of Property Tax Debt

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    I honestly was unaware of this until now, but there is a whole market out there for buying up tax liens on past due property taxes. And its a multi-million dollar market.

    So, its basically a sub-section of vulture (venture) investing, and it's for folks that have enough capital to pay the govt what people owe on delinquent property taxes, then turn around and charge them interest, effectively finding a way to create a middle man type scenario and .. vulture revenue out of an already taxed situation, much like a credit card company.

    ... we have gone to far as a society. this is ridiculous. It's finding out stuff like this that makes me pine for some good ol' days (that likely never existed) where things were simpler. Old article, but explains the ins and outs of the business well: Vulture Investing: What You Need To Know Before Bidding For Tax Liens