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Questions for Marshall Adame, the Democratic nom. in N.C.'s 3rd congressional dist.

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    From a discussion on Facebook at the MMT Deficit Owl USA Committee

    My questions for Marshall Adame:
    1. Can we count on you to vote against "Austerity"?
    2. Can we count on you to call for the CBO to start scoring legislation for inflation and job growth, not deficits?
    3. Can we count on you to support a FICA tax cut? And for Congress to put the "Full Faith and Credit" of the U.S. Government behind Social Security?
    4. Can we count on you to support a 'transitional' Job Guarantee for every American ready, able and willing to work?
    5. Can we count on you to call for the testimony of 'headline' MMT economists and other heterodox economists?

    His answers:
    "1. Government Austerity Programs are destroying European economies.. I would never agree to any "Austerity" program. Austerity reduces demand... Demand creates jobs... America will not grow by reducing demand... We must increase Demand.

    "2. When the CBO scores relative to the deficit, it misses the entire point relative to growth projected and it's consequential inflation effect. Long Term Program Projections have no value to the CBO. That is a big flaw. Today, the CBO uses rigid and fixed numbers as its tools. We can maintain certain spending and entitlements as well as defense, but there is no dynamic reason to reduce long term investment in the country during a time when every other industrialized nation is heavily investing in their own next national generation for infrastructure as well as jobs. Depending on the CBO projections will drive us to a shrinking economy and into crippling austerity. I recommend you read some writing by Zachary Karabell. I will call for changes in the CBO calculations which determine their scoring.

    "3. The Congress MUST put the full faith and credit of the US Government behind the Social Security Program.

    "4. I believe in some form of a 'transitional' Job Guarantee for every American ready, able and willing to work. Yes. (A bold concept most in Congress will not publicly acknowledge as viable).

    "5. MMT and pseudo MMT'ers have helped me a great deal in understanding economics and concepts which effect our economy. I think every Congressman and Congresswoman owe it to their constituents to listen and consider workable and viable economic solutions for America and further. Like with any issue, they may not accept, or embrace a concept, or idea, but they are bound by their oath to have all of the information in order to make sound and wise decisions for America's future. I feel MMT economists have a lot to offer and should be heard in Congressional testimony."
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    A breath of fresh air certainly. Does he have a snowballs chance of getting elected considering the Hell he wants to represent?
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    Can't afford the polling data I presume. He's running against Walter Jones. Jones is considered a "populist", even though he's an adamant deficit terrorist. Marshall does well with conservatives because he's a Warrior. 20 year ex Marine. Served in Vietnam. Homeless as a teenager. Lifelong public servant. Diplomat. He investigated contractor abuse in Iraq and ran an airport. Took on Blackwater. Wrote about the abuses he saw. Been married 40 years. Dozens of grand kids. Has two sons in the Marines. One is a Wounded Warrior.

    Marshall's the real deal. He represents the DEMOCRATIC wing of the DEMOCRATIC party. I'm honored to have advised him on matters of fiscal and monetary operations.

    Here's a recent video of him talking about an ambush on Airport Road in 2005.
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    I know nothing about N.C. politics but I always distrusted any politician or even a candidate whom says he knows about the human condition because he took a walking tour in some impoverished area and makes promises that he knows he cannot keep which I suppose gives some type of street creditability , again I don't know anything about candidate Marshall Adame, but this Veteran Marine on the other hand seems to have walked the walk and talked the talked in regards to knowing the people whom he will represent, and having served with marines during Viet Nam, I was army, their honor and integrity was never in question, and most of the marines I know who upon release from active duty still carries with them, those same values in civilian life. I hope the Marine wine the race.