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Good news. Mcllroy wins Open championship

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    25 year old pro golfer Rory Mcllroy from Northern Ireland won the Open championship (formerly called the British Open). It was his third major championship in his career. I don't have the specifics but 10 years ago his father made a bet that his 15 year old son would win the championship by age 25. He received 500 - 1 odds. He'll be collecting a very large check. If I hear the amount, I'll add that later. It would be something fun to look up on Google if you have a minute and don't mind reading "good news". It was the third time a player had won 3 majors at this young of an age. Others were Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Not bad.

    according to ESPN web site.... winning 200,000.00 pounds / 341,730.00 USD on a 400 pound bet. Not bad. His sons winnings for today was probably well over a million dollars.