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Corporations are people!

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    Dear Ed Shultz,

    Corporations are classified as people now according to our Federal court judges. Most people are paying Federal income taxes in the range of 20% to 28%, sometimes more! Shouldn't our newly classified people have to pay the same amount of taxes as a real people(person) should pay every year? I think they should have to pay social security based on their income, too! I would also like to point out that most people don't have the tax breaks and writes offs of a Corporation.

    By rights, the real people should be newly classified Corporations! As newly classified Corporations, following the logic of our federal judges, we should have all the rights to the tax breaks and write offs as our fellow Corporations!

    Just saying,

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    What a really great idea!! I wonder if we could sell "stock" in ourselves? Hire tons of employees? Create a few
    foreign branches of ourselves overseas? Set aside some of our income for tax deductible advertising? Once in a
    while arrange a Merger with other "people" to combine our resources? This sounds like FUN.