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specifications and definitions.

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    I hope the readership will allow me this "new thread" within ongoing discussion evolution and creationism.

    The terms need to be clarified, defined, even analyzed.
    GOD. Is God a "guy in the sky"? Why guy? If so, why white If in any way imaged, pictured, why so many Biblical passages (see my last week's posting( that God is invisible, cannot be seen, is a spirit, etc.??

    If the CREATION is of such organized complexity (systemic comprehensivity) that it had to have been created by a human-ish super-being,
    by what illogic is it assumed that a human-ish super-being could come into being without some prior process or "creator"? That "God" has always
    been is an explanation of existence whereas (for example) "cyclic cosmic expansions and contractions" of periodicities of complexifications of
    componentials (subatomic up to galactic, molecule to gene) is beyond the comprehension?? But a make-believe "construct" God isn't???

    What does the term EVOLUTION mean? If, according to the "neoDarwinian Synthesis" if's a proliferation of life forms (species) originating from a single
    cell . . . . and proceeding via the "mechanism" of genetic mutations (the minority "benign and selected to survive and be passed on -- the majority
    being either neutral or deleterious thus not "selected" . . . and if these mutations are minor changes ("micro-mutations" -- any "saltations =
    macro-mutations" assumed impossible) . . . . . and mutation thus somewhat a constant . . . . . . . how does one account for the astounding variance of the mind of homo sapiens from that of chimpanzee.
    The mind of a creature is the outcome of its evolution? Or from whence otherwise?
    The processing of the mind of a creature (neurological processing) is a from of animal behavior? Or from what else?
    Such vast differential of the "behavior of comprehension" between two species but 1% of so genetically divergent should bring one to wonder
    what we need to be further interpolating into what we term EVOLUTION beyond just random micro-mutation.

    Is RANDOM (as in mutation) really random? Or is that a term we need to define more carefully -- as a generalization of phenomenology of such
    complexity of within such termporal (time) restriction . . . . that we don't get the "picture of the organized paradigm" -- the actual systemic??
    "Random" may be the statistial equivalent of viewing a pointallist or even watercolor artwork from the wrong distance (or other) perspective.

    If evolution is driven by selected SURVIVAL only ("fitness and prolificity especially) should we not spend some time actually examining and establishing the "species robustness" evidenced and enacted by a symphony orchestra, a Broadway show, fine art, sculpture? One "explanation" I've heard is that such things are "peacock-tail" displays which represent attractions to females and thus "sexual selection" results and the artist or sculptor or musician or whomever is "selected" -- thus the art from of his "social evolution" selected.
    Be that the case, BULLSHIT is highly selected.

    If EVOLUTION and SURVIVAL are driven by the positive mutations (selected) but the overwhelming majority of alleles are assumed either neutral or
    negative -- would not evolution thus be a self-extinctive process (think the statistics here).

    If "Hollywoodish" appearance, especially "facial and other morphological symmetry" the foci of sexual selection (woman choosing mate) -- and
    further, if prolificity of offspring is proportionate to "fitness" . . . . why is it that the greatest number of kids are being born in regions and to
    races (and even in socio-economic sumps of anywhere) . . . . and the upper levels of (at least manifested) intellect and ability and creativity have so few kids?

    If EVOLUTION is just a random (chance) process of change, selected to continue and further change -- to get to the REPLICATION OF THE UNIVERSE FROM MICROCOSM TO COSMIC AS THE SCOPE OF THE MENTAL PROCESS OF A SPECIES (man-- at least to get the idea of it all -- but
    so many to be geniuses in the sciences of concern) . . . . . . ain't the whole story somehow.

    At least to me. But then, maybe I'm one of the non-selected. Oh no-- and End Times a-comin soon
    " . . . . but then again, maybe not" (and check that title out).

    I'll be interested in any responses to the above -- if any of it's comprehensible.
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    You don't need to be "fit" or "hollywoodish" in this day and age to propagate our species. It's more of a sign of the times than a flaw in the concept/theory of evolution, to my mind at least. Although, if you are fit and hollywoodish, I believe its hard to argue that you do have a considerable upper hand in several socio-economic circumstances.

    For whatever reason, the term 'epigenetic' came to mind when reading your post. We have gone beyond simple gene transfer/mutation. The epigenetic and noosphere are the new domains of human evolution, far as I can figure. Although, like you pointed out, trying to solve a 1,000,000,000,000 piece puzzle without a picture on the box for reference is more than just difficult, its basically impossible. At least for now. I do think that we are inching ever closer though.

    As I have pointed out several times in several forums now, my view of "GOD" is that the word has a great, unbreakable connotation to it that seems impossible for us to use the term intelligently anymore, thanks to our societal obsession with linking it intrinsically to Christianity. We most likely just simply need to create or use a different word entirely. A shame really. Its such a good word.
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    I'll be very interested in hearing the responses of true believers to your questions! Good post - thanks!!!
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    Sorry; the world was created in seven days on a heap of lava flying through space; the world is only 7000 years old and dinosaurs bones came from Mars via the spaceshuttle. Women were created from a rib of an alligator to be able to withstand men. Evolution only takes place in Hollywood; new monsters created every day. Oh yes also "sperm" falls from the sky into unexpected women; that's how jesus got there. The same must have happened with Eve. But don't worry the Pope oversees everything and has a direct line to Jupiter; but the line got interupted during the world cup soccer game and Argentine lost. I wonder if this guy has ever heard of evolution; I guess the books he reads are a bit too old to comprehend such.
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    Dutch Wrote:the Pope oversees everything and has a direct line to Jupiter; but the line got interupted during the world cup soccer game and Argentine lost.
    That explains it!