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Polar Vortex Making A Summer Comeback

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    Remember that wave of super cold that swept through most of the middle and southern parts of the country back in January? That was because of a weather phenomenon known as a polar vortex. Well, 6 months later, its back. This time though, I would imagine most everyone will be welcoming it.

    Technically, this summer edition of our last winter polar vortex occurrence isn't quite technically the same thing. It's still a cyclonic draft of cold, low pressure air that will sweep through the central part of the country and drop temperatures, yes. Difference is though in terminology. Some meteorologists are saying that this is only going to be "part of a polar vortex". Others are saying that "laying the blame for this anomalously cold outbreak of air on the polar vortex is incorrect -- this air bubble is in an altitude much lower than where the polar vortex is located."

    Whatever. Either way, temps will drop for a few days, in the heat of summer. And that's a good thing. Those that were tortured by this last winter's temperature plummets will be gifted with a few days of not-so-hot summer days. The cause of this event is due to the Typhoon Neoguri that happened in Japan just a few days ago.

    According to USA Today, here's how the country's weather will be affected:

    Temperatures will be 10 to 30 degrees below average, mainly around the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. But since it's July, the weather should actually be quite delightful, as highs are forecast in the 60s and 70s and lows in the 40s and 50s.

    The weather will be cool and cloudy Tuesday for the MLB All-Star Game at Target Field in Minneapolis, with temperatures likely in the 60s at game time, dropping into the 50s during the game, according to the National Weather Service.

    The East will also get in on the cooler than average conditions, but the change won't be as dramatic as in the north-central U.S.

    Strange weather times, these are..