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GOP chooses Clevelend for 2016 Convention

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  • Liberal Democrat
    Colorado Springs, CO
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    ThinkProgress, July 8, 2014: 5 Reasons Cleveland Is A Terrible Choice To Hold The GOP’s 2016 Convention

    Chairman Reince Priebus announced on Tuesday that Cleveland is the choice of The Republican National Committee to host their 2016 convention. Ohio is a key state that Republicans would like to retake. They won it in 2004 after some dubious voter suppression tactics, but have been less successful in recent years.

    ThinkProgress has outlined five reasons why they think Cleveland was a bad choice.

    1. Cleveland is benefiting from $1.4 billion in stimulus funding.

    2. Cleveland is helping expand Obamacare coverage to thousands of lower-income residents.

    3. Cleveland is embracing marriage equality protections for LGBT couples.

    4. Cleveland is supporting sensible new gun laws.

    5. Cleveland is recognizing climate change and lowering its carbon emissions.

    So maybe instead of swaying Ohio voters to vote Republican by their mere presence in the state, maybe the reverse can happen. The good folks of Cleveland can influence Republicans into some common sense thinking on these five issues.

    Is it a pipe dream? Ha.
  • Center Left
    Central, FL
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    If you don't win Ohio, you don't become the Prez. That's why they're coming here. (Statistically it's crazy but true) The GOP convention is always pathetic. But that's just my opinion. At least it's a long time from now.

    Cleveland is indeed in the news this week. It involves Basketball though (ESPN and also network/cable news). Either Cleveland's dreams come true, or their hearts are crushed again (4 years later).