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China Bans Ramadan Fasting

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    Interesting article I just read from Aljazeera. China is banning Ramadan fasting for students, faculty and civil servants in general for certain providences in the Muslim Northwest of the country. Chinese officials are saying that this is "aimed at protecting students' well being by preventing use of schools and government offices to promote religion."

    Upon further reading though, this runs much deeper than that. China has apparently been growing quite wary of Muslims in their country as of late, and believe that Muslim extremists are responsible, at least in part, for the recent terrorist attacks throughout China. Dozens have been killed or injured by multiple bombings. Also of note, many opposed to this ban are saying that the country's leaders are attempting to quell religious ceremony as to not incite any further dissent from the one party system in power, that is mainly atheistic in nature.

    Anyone have any more info on this China/Muslim Extremist situation?

    For those that don't participate in the ritual and are only vaguely aware of what Ramadan is, here's a brief descript:

    Ramadan is a major part of the Muslim faith. A daily fasting from dawn till dusk is part of the ceremony involved in participating, which lasts an entire month. This year, the fasting period, marked by the sighting of a crescent moon, began the evening of Saturday, June the 28th of 2014. It will end on the evening of the 28th of July.
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    I have some knowledge about this. I know that most of these Muslim attackers use cars to just ram public places. However, they do sometimes incorporate explosives into the mix.

    Xinjiang is located along the border of many Muslim nations. Not only that, it’s so far away from “where the action is” in China, that they’ve been fairly free to do what they want, within reason. This has allowed for the rise of Islam in a country where religions, other than Buddhism and Daoism, are severely monitored in heavily populated parts of the country.

    Like all uprisings in China, whether in be Democracy, Falung Gong, etc., it will be violently and quietly crushed. The only thing Beijing has to worry about when they do this, is what Xinjiang’s neighbors to the west will think of the crushing of fellow Muslims. Could be the beginning of a war?

    As far as not letting them fast, it is simply a way of demoralizing Muslim students. Trying to kick dirt on an amber before it turns into a flame.