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Liberal Website Filtering in Conservative Workplaces

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    I work at many different businesses in a part of the country that is fairy divided, politically. While at work, during downtime hours, we are allowed to surf the web. We all know that there are certain obscene websites that a company will not allow you to look at. So I need to bring up something that I have noticed about using internet at these places;

    Companies that have a mostly Republican workforce always have filters on their servers that will not allow you to look at Democratic, Liberal websites. You can look at as many websites as you want, as long as they are about the Tea Part or Republican politicians. The Democratic Hub, for instance, is blocked because it is a "Political Organization". So out of curiosity, I Googled Republican forums and I was able to view them all.

    Companies that have a mostly Democratic workforce also have the usual filters that we've come to expect and understand, but ALL political websites are allowed to be seen.

    So my question is, "Are Republicans trying to limit the access we have to certain information?" There is a widely held opinion, considered fact by most people, that says Republicans are trying to sway votes in their favor, by means of voter suppression laws. So filtering access to other ideas seems completely viable.

    I realize that just four companies that hold Conservative beliefs, filtering out Liberal website are not enough to constitute a proper sample.

    So I am here to ask, does this type of censorship exist where you are? Tell me your thoughts on this.
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    I've never been in this situation, but I've only worked in one office setting.

    Almost all recent voter suppression laws or laws that are designed to restrict voting are put forth by conservatives. I'm sure there may be few proposed by liberals but they seem few and far between.

    Just by shear numbers, I'm sure there are companies with liberal bosses that may limit political access of their employees, but I have no idea of the actual statistics.

    I would agree that the current state of the GOP benefits from misinformation and the ill-informed. Limiting information is an time-tested effective way to control people.

    I personally feel that the more people who vote the better. I would gladly help 10 people get to the voting booth even if I knew they were voting different than me.
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    Yes. I agree with you.

    I haven't really noticed people in a work environment trying to shut out conservatives. Unless, it is a vegan co-op grocery store or something.
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    I believe "conservatives" regularly try to suppress Democratic information, in every way possible. For instance, my aunt was in a nursing home for 2 years, and strangely enough, we all noticed a weird thing about the TV sets in there. It was a lovely modern building, with lots of perks, waterfalls, beauty shop, exercise rooms, etc. (High priced, too). All the rooms had built-in cable for the TV sets, & all were working 24/7.

    The main lobby had an electronic programmable piano, vending machines & ice cream cone places, with popcorn snacks, etc. It was really deluxe. But in the glass shelved display cabinets, there were lots of statues of Ronald Reagan & pictures of Bush, etc. (That should have been a big clue).

    Anyway, on Aunt Marge's 2nd week there, she said she was enjoying her new living space, but was having trouble with her TV reception. So we went over and started changing the channels. to check it out. Most hours of the day (or night) she could not get her favorite News programs, on CNN or MSNBC. (Note: these 2 are "liberal" TV news channels). But she could get almost any other channels in perfectly. (What a coincidence).

    We called in a TV repairman, to check out the wires. With all his meters & probes, etc, he could not figure out ANY reason why the TV was not working perfectly. But despite all his efforts, she never DID get in CNN or MSNBC very often, only intermittently.

    Then, she began to notice that some of the elderly ladies seemed to snub her at the dinner table. It was subtle, but there was a definite manner about them, like they thought they were "too good" for her. She must have made the mistake of admitting she voted Democrat, or something. My aunt was a very smart woman, well mannered, very neat & clean, etc. But I believe there is a distinct effort going on, at all levels of society, to keep the 2 political parties segregated from one another. The GOP cannot tolerate that any of their membership should hear "both sides" of any argument. Or any kind of logic or fact-based ideology. Their brain-washing must be kept intact, isolated, in order to keep their votes going inevitably for the GOP.

    Recently, another relative, in her home, has noticed that her cable TV service is very erratic. A main channel will go off (all by itself) in the midst of a program. She gets over 50 channels, and only one channel has all the interruptions. It is MSNBC News -- a "liberal" news program. Cable repair claims to have no knowledge why this happens. And can't figure out how to fix it. -- Do any of YOU have any of these situations?