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Can we kill Americans with our drones?

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    jamesn Wrote: EF I agree with you that the Tillman death is strange, and maybe there is a conspiracy there. Most conspiracy theories are pushed by nutjobs and believed by nutjobs. Tillman's death certainly seems to have some unanswered questions. The reason that we don't hear more about it is that the big MONEY is to be made on the BIG conspiracy theories like 9-11, the JFK assassination...etc. No big money to be made on Tillman.

    More deaths of American servicemen in Afghanistan occured while Obama was in office, and that's just a FACT as much as you may not want to admit it. Not how long it's been going on, but how many deaths. And it's about 70%-75% on Obamas term, so as Commander in Chief that's on him.

    Bush was stupid enough to start that war, and Obama was smart enough to end it, but he didn't, he decided to SURGE the troop strength. He had "SURGE ENVY" because he saw Bush do the surge in Iraq and how well it "worked" so he just had to show us how he could match Bush.

    As the WALL STREET JOURNAL reported in December 2009 that by doing the surge and announcing the date of withdrawal of the additional troops, "MR OBAMA MADE AFGHANISTAN HIS WAR".

    That's right, Obama could have, and should have ended the war in 2009, but he decided to send an ADDITIONAL 30,000 American troops to kill and be killed, making the war longer, bloodier, and more wasteful.

    Thousands more lives lost, thousands more families destroyed, hundreds of billions wasted...all due to Obama's "SURGE".

    And for what? FOR NOTHING!
    The whole thing is here in this country; they start something due to being arrogant (The US rules the world) but never seem to be able to undo stupid things, so the "ball" keeps on rolling. Of course politicians always have an answer and are champions in pointing fingers. So the "game" goes on and on, until there is an end result or they throw their attention quickly onto something else; the media will help them. And so l'histoire ce repette.
    They will never learn; as long as they end up in history books as very important people, it does not matter.
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    OK Jamesn, we have been "here" before. Blaming Obama for the war, the deaths & casualties, the cost, etc when it clearly HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE Bush's war, no matter how many times people try to "spin" the facts. History will always remember that Bush (not Obama) started the war and never wanted to end it, due to huge "profits" to be made by stealing OIL from Iraq. Bush does not care one bit about the human lives killed for nothing, or the huge cost to the PUBLIC to wage this war. While Bushco shoves $billion$ into their Swiss bank accts, the American people go hungry, since to fight this insanely stupid war, the Repub Admin "stole" our taxpayer's money out of Social Security funds. To pay for the war.

    This began in other wars in the past, where Congress would just do a little manipulation (cook the books) & steal a few million$ from Social Security, but leave a figurative IOU in there, & when the war was over, a Congress (with integrity) would pay the money right back. However THIS Congress is full of crooks, liars, & outright traitors, so even after 13 years of Wars, they have never paid back one dime. Typical Republican. Meanwhile, they are not even doing their duty of paying TAXES on their huge OIL Profits from this war, (hiding their assets in Swiss bank accts) so they are ROBBING the American People TWICE. And even while they are doing these dishonorable things, they have the utter gall to cut all our benefits, keep our injured war veterans from getting their health care, & cut funding for any & all public services. NONE of these things are the work of a "patriot" or even an American, these are the deeds of total hypocrites and greedy criminals, with large hints of being total Traitors to America.

    In reply to your suggestion that Obama did the "surge" -- I have said before (because it was TRUE) that Obama would never have done the "surge" but he was being pressured by the "usual suspects" who NEVER want to quit any war on the planet. Since THEY never have to fight in it, or let their sons fight in it. And they can steal enough money (before they get caught) to live like kings for several generations. So the GOP brass kept on telling Obama, we HAVE to have at least "one more surge" and we will WIN, do not give up NOW, just give it one more try." Well, under normal circumstances you are supposed to be able to "trust" your U.S. military leaders. And they will give you honest advice, but when dealing with GOP, you have to realize you are dealing with a War Machine -- that nurtures itself on war, and death, and destruction. They truly want ENDLESS WAR.

    If you need any proof, look at what is going on RIGHT NOW. Well, Holy Cow --- here we are, RIGHT BACK in IRAQ. Who could have guessed it? We are ALL sick of war, bankrupt, tired, struggling along with a weakened economy, & a Congress that is so full of pure traitors and Fools, we can't get anything done, even with a superior intellect, and marvelous patriotic man, like Obama as President. And these GOP fools keep on wasting our taxpayer money on TRIALS or Impeachment Attempts, (a charade of FOOLS on display for the WHOLE WORLD). The TEA PARTY is the downfall of America, & there HAS to be some Legal Mechanism to STOP THEM. The only reason there IS NOT a clear solution, is because the Founding Fathers way back in the 1700's could not even IMAGINE a bunch of treasonous Fools, like these morons in the Tea Party, OR a population who is so brain-washed by Rushbo types that they would actually Vote for candidates that sound like Insane Idiots. SO there is nothing in our Constitution that tells us how to handle this situation & PUT MOST OF CONGRESS AWAY (legally) INTO THE BOOBY HATCH. --- THINK PEOPLE -- There must be a way... (Good golly, I just remembered an old saying by Robt Welch (Founder of the John Birch Society) -- "Someday the inmates will take over the asylum."
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    EF I have never blamed Obama for starting the war, Bush did that. I correctly blame Obama for not ending the war when he took office. I also correctly blame Obama for making the war in Afghanistan worse, much worse.

    As Schmidt reminded us a while back, Obama planned all along to surge the war, to send even more US servicemen to their deaths, he campaigned on it, so that's exactly what he did. Wasted more lives and more money, and for absolutely nothing.

    He could have and should have ended the war, but no, he had to match the Bush surge in Iraq by doing an Obama surge in Afghanistan. It's called "surge envy".

    And now Obama has us going back into Iraq to have more Americans killed and more billions wasted.

    And some of us mistakenly thought Obama was going to be a "peace" president. How wrong we were!

    When will it ever end?

    Hopefully Queen Hillary will not be this stupid.