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Genesis Creation vs. Darwin's Macroevolution Myth

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    As of 2012:



    The non religious demographic is the fast growing in the nation. The Christian demographic is the fastest shrinking.
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    eternal flame Wrote: The statistics I cite are from real sources, but I do not have the time to look it up again, but it lists stats for every religion, even atheism. You better believe that atheism is real LOW, maybe 2%. Amazingly, even Jewish is much lower % than you would expect. LOOK IT UP.

    The only reason you would constantly have "the last word" is because you stubbornly insist on returning over & over again, until the other people on the thread get tired of beating a dead horse, & move on to greener pastures. ANYONE could get the last word if that was their main focus in life.

    I notice you seldom or never present any FACTS that show You are correct, you only say WE cannot present facts or proof of the other side. It is simple to keep on repeating "diatribe" on how great Atheism is --- then why are they only 2% ?? They must not be very convincing.....
    And just because an idea is popular doesn't mean it is correct. Reality isn't dictated by popular opinion. More and more people around the world are seeing the damage that religious thinking can do. It denies reality, it can promote violence, it fosters an environment of discrimination, and even though it can bring people together, it does so by excluding other people who do not think the same way.
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    Thanks Zach; I guess the numbers just cover the USA; I would think the worldwide numbers may be quite different. Anyway "eternal" is not yet aware of the damage done by religion to the human race; a good example is what is happenung in Iraq right now.