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Miss Universe Thailand Drops Her Reign Due to "Red Shirt" Comments

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    The twenty two year old Miss Universe Thailand, Weluree Ditsayabut, announced on Monday she is resigning due to a large amount of social media criticism. This is mostly due to her political comments and her appearance. A few of the comments she posted that seem to be causing all the commotion are, "You Red Shirts, you get out of here," she wrote in November, just before winning her title. "Thailand's soil is dirty because of anti-monarchy people like you."

    She is referring to the "Red shirt" supporters of the former government, whom she is accusing of opposing Thailand's monarchy. Along with strongly opposing her political point of view, the comments were also referring to her figure, calling her fat and ugly. I would have to disagree on that point, seeing that she was crowned Miss Universe Thailand not long ago. I believe those comments were attached as a more personal attack on her to dig a little deeper under her skin. Either way, it worked, and now she has officially handed over that title she must posses in order to be in the international Miss Universe pageant.