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Medicaid Expansion stopped in Virginia thanks to under-the-table dealings

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    What is going on in Virginia? Democratic State Senator Phillip Puckett resigned on Monday so he could take up a job on the state tobacco commission. No real news yet. Story gets stranger though. His daughter was vying for a 6-year term to a state-judgeship, a position that Puckett could not allow for his daughter to have unless he unseated himself. Nepotism and all, you know. Where it gets interesting is the Senate that does the appointing for judgeships is currently GOP controlled in Virginia, thanks to Puckett leaving.

    Now why would the GOP help Puckett get his democratic daughter the job that she wanted? What would be in it for them? The big story and speculation is that the Virginia GOP made a deal and/or forced Puckett to leave his seat, offering to get his daughter a job so that they could gain a majority in the State Senate. A majority that they desperately need if they are going to stop Medicaid expansion in their state. And there it is. The crux of it.

    Anyone have any further info or insight here? I have read this story from a few different angles and it certainly sounds like the GOP lot from Virginia pressured Puckett into leaving. Certainly would make sense. Hang his daughter's future over his head so they could gain the majority needed to kill medicaid expansion.

    State Senator's Resignation Roils Virginia Politics

    GOP has claimed control of Va. Senate, forced Democrats to cave over Medicaid impasse
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    I watched Rachel Maddow's analysis of this "deal" last night. The FBI is investigating.

    MSNBC, Rachel Maddow Show, June 9, 2014: FBI looking into Virginia resignation scandal

    Rachel concludes with "I'm about to blow my stack."