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Las Vegas killings tied to White Supremacists

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    Southern Poverty Law Center, June 9th, 2014: Man and Woman with Alleged White Supremacist Ties Kill Two Las Vegas Police Officers, Bystander before Killing Selves

    This news happened yesterday and I was going to write about it as another "ho hum" gun killing. But then I read that the shooters had ties to white supremacist groups.

    "A man and a woman who neighbors say were militant white supremacists walked into a North Las Vegas mall pizza shop on Sunday and, shouting declarations about the “start of a revolution,” opened fire on two Metro police officers eating lunch there, killing both men. The two then walked into a neighboring Wal-Mart and ordered everyone out, though not before shooting one bystander to death. The two then shot themselves after exchanging gunfire with police inside the store.

    "According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, police found swastikas in the couple’s apartment, and the couple’s neighbors described them as “militant” people who talked about conspiracy theories, killing police officers, and “going underground”.

    "One of their neighbors said the man told him he had come out to Nevada to participate in the recent standoff with federal authorities over rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. He also told the neighbor that he had been kicked off of Bundy’s ranch property, though Bundy’s wife said she was unaware of any such person having been on their ranch.


    This is the stuff that comes out of various conspiracy theory websites and Sean Hannity...propagandizing these crazies to attack the federal government and law enforcement in general. If Fox News had just left the Cliven Bundy event alone instead of elevating it to headlines festering hatred against our government, maybe these crazies wouldn't have traveled to Nevada to do an execution.

    And with some states allowing these guys to open carry their guns into restaurants, are any law enforcement officers safe anywhere? How to distinguish the crazies and the guys merely exercising the second amendment rights to carry their guns anywhere.
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    So much for..."the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." The good guys, in this case didn't have a chance. But with states passing open carry laws for gun toters, how do police and the public distinguish one from the other?
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    Schmidt Wrote: So much for..."the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." The good guys, in this case didn't have a chance. But with states passing open carry laws for gun toters, how do police and the public distinguish one from the other?
    I just wonder how many different gun toting groups are there in this country; we used to have Clu Clux Can? so something else must have taken its place. Then we have plenty of oddball groups etc. who may be also hoarding weapons etc etc.
    Just on the news; they were Nazi' like and "displayed" swastika's. Sick indeed.
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    The only good news is that they killed themselves before some of those good guys with guns had a chance to do it. Sounds like the two cops who were killed were kinda ambushed. In other words, they didn't have a chance because they didn't know it was coming.

    Meanwhile, last week, another cop killer shot 5 police and killed 3 of them.


    Oh yeah, nevermind, that was in Canada.

    And of course Fox jumped on the Bundy story because the government acted stupidly and it definitely was news. Just like MSNBC jumped on the Chris Christie "bridgegate" story for about two months.

    Fox and MSNBC do the same thing, just on opposite sides...jump on any story that can make the other side look bad. Thank goodness for CNN, at least they TRY to remain neutral.
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    jamesn -- True to form you again seek to equate Fox News and MSNBC. I know you don't watch MSNBC so I don't see how you can make that assumption. As we have discussed many times in this website...Fox News manufactures scandals and hyperbole. MSNBC does in depth analysis of the news.

    Chris Christie is news and as the investigation proceeds, the one time front runner for the Republican nomination for President will have a hard time spinning the facts.

    The Bundy story is a Fox News creation that brought out all the government haters across America to "join up"...much like Bill O'Reilly did with the abortion providers. Remember "Tiller the Baby Killer"? That was O'Reilly's quote again and again until some crazy took him up on it and murdered Tiller while he was attending church services.

    Getting back to the Las Vegas shooting, the assassins draped a "Don't Tread on Me" flag and a Nazi swastika on the body of one the police officers they killed at the pizza restaurant. They also pinned a note on the body saying "this is the beginning of the revolution." Where are they getting all these weird ideas...certainly not from MSNBC? On the other hand, Fox News regularly gives all the crazies a platform to espouse their hatred for "Big Government" including Cliven Bundy and his government hating militias that controls the landscape now in this part of the state.

    That's what is making this story newsworthy. Should MSNBC ignore it as just another "ho hum" shooting. I watched on MSNBC video clips taken by Jared Miller, one of the police murderers, interviewing militia people at the Bundy ranch as well as a clip by a local news station interviewing Miller himself at the Bundy ranch. Are they elevating the story in prominence or reporting on facts?
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    You're 100% correct about Fox and MSNBC Schmidt!
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    But he's 100% incorrect about my viewing habits.

    I watched MSNBC last night!

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    If you are a follower of Alex Jones, there is this:

    Media Matters: Alex Jones Alleges That Las Vegas Cop Ambush Was "Absolutely Staged" By Harry Reid And Other Conspirators

    "On the June 9 edition of The Alex Jones Show, Jones claimed "the country is being purposefully imploded right now," before calling the shootings "absolutely staged." Jones continued stating, "There is so much proof of this being staged yesterday, when I first read about it, and this morning, that my mind exploded with hundreds of data points, and quite frankly it's conclusive." He then claimed that the shooting bore out some of the "hundreds of predictions" that he had made "since the Bundy ranch situation," including a scenario where a shooting is blamed on the Tea Party. Towards the end of the segment, Jones named Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and referenced actions by the Obama administration in purporting to identify the actual parties responsible for the Las Vegas police ambush. He concluded, "I kept telling, they're getting ready to false flag, and it happens right in Harry Reid's district, right in his state, right in his city, with his police department""

    Read more about it at the Media Matter link above. It just boggles MY mind, but I appreciate that a certain segment of the population sucks this stuff up. And two of them are named Jared and Amanda Miller, the cop killers.

    Alex Jones makes tons of money selling conspiracy theories made up out of thin air...or should I say pulled out of his ass. We're discussing "dumb America" in another thread and maybe I should have posted this piece there instead. Sheesh.
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    Yep, that sounds like vintage Alex Jones all right. It boggles MY mind, too. How could it not?

    His radio program was carried in my market 2 or 3 years ago, and when I'd get in my vehicle in the middle of the afternoon, his show was on and I'd sometimes listen to a few minutes of it. All I can say it that it was entertaining, in a twisted sort of way, except that some people actually BELIEVE some or all of that stuff.

    And that's the sad part: that some people actually believe that garbage. The Las Vegas cop-killers may have been believers. Obviously he has an audience out there or he would not still be in business.
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    Like many of the mass shootings that we have had in this country, there were warning signs about the recent one in Las Vegas before it happened.

    In April, Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan interviewed Jerad Miller at the Bundy ranch, and spent most of the morning with him. A few of the comments that he made to her should have indicated that he "wasn't playing with a "full deck".

    Clive Bundy's son Ammon told the Associated Press that Miller and his wife were "very radical" and they were eventually asked to leave the ranch.

    A day before the shooting in Las Vegas, either Jared or his wife Amanda posted an ominous warning on Facebook.

    In a perfect world, all of those warning signs should have prevented the shootings. Unfortunately, we live in a world inhabited by folks like Alex Jones, who believe that the shootings were a "false flag" created by the Obama administration. Jerad Miller, incidentally, was a fan of Alex Jones:
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    Well we have not yet made it to the point that we lock up everyone who someone decides is not ..."playing with a full deck"... Not yet.

    There are lots and lots of those people out there.

    If we were to lock all of them up, the prison overcrowding problem would be even worse. Much worse.

    But it's easy to say now.
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    Due to right-wing radio (whose fans are legion) there are millions of people out there who are devout fans of all kinds of "nut theories" deliberately being manufactured (made up) by Alex Jones and his affiliates. It is a profitable & a bit "thrilling" industry, done originally for money, but at some point the spin masters realized they would become "iconic" in conspiracy circles. The power must go to their head, to know millions of people are hanging on their every word --- a sort of "Messiah" complex emerges, where they are actually worshipped by right-wing loonies. They can say any stupid thing to appeal to the lunatic fringe, & it is immediately gobbled up & disseminated as "gospel truth." Not only adulation & hero worship, but tons of buck$, maybe in the millions and beyond, keeps the spectacle ongoing. NOTE: Alex Jones has been ACTIVE since 9/11/2001. (For at least 13 years).

    One thing we should pay more attention to, is the Nazi swastika being used alongside the "Don't Tread on Me" snake flag. For a long time in America, we were being told NOT to MENTION anything to do with the Nazi Party or symbols, etc. I never could understand WHY, in a nation that truly believes in Freedom of Speech, we were told "if anyone mentions the word "Nazi" or "swastika" they have immediately lost the argument." So we were being told you could not even MENTION the Word. ???? What kind of "logic" is that? It made no sense to me that we could NOT even say the word Nazi without somebody coming unglued, & rejecting it without consideration. Whoever MADE that "no mention" rule, was trying very hard to cover something up.

    In all my studies of US sabotage & govt subversion, there are usually "neo-Nazi" groups involved somewhere. It has only been 69 years since WWII ended, with the defeat of the Nazi's in Germany. But National Socialism (= Nazi) still exists in many incognito places. ALSO right here in the US, we have many neo-Nazi groups. And some are offshoots of the JBS, & some are active within the Republican Party. ****(to be continued)
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    Of all the lunatic theories that Alex Jones has pushed onto his audience over all these years, and made money from, there's probably none as great as the 9-11 conspiracy theories. The 9-11 truthers are the best thing ever to happen for his business.

    The "9-11 truthers" are some of his best customers. There are really not any more devoted and dedicated believers than the "9-11 truthers". They are of course the craziest of the crazy conspiracy theorists. They believe what they WANT to believe, facts and evidence be damned.

    Nothing has done as much for Alex Jones and his career as 9-11, and the "9-11 truthers".
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    Sorry, but it took a while -- HUGE amount of research tonight. One interesting place to start is Look Up: a guy named David Duke, who ran for several offices, & won a few of them. David Duke born July 1, 1950 in the South, possibly Louisiana. His father was an engineer at Shell OIL company, & David traveled with his father & family all over the world, such as to the Netherlands & Laos. (The OIL connection to GOP politics should never be overlooked or ignored, as it also connects to the Bush Family, Dick Cheney, Rockefeller, Koch Brothers, etc.) MOST of their Million$ came from the black crude oil slimey substance that comes from far beneath the earth. (You know, where the Devil lives : )

    When David Duke attended college, he was well known for constantly wearing a Nazi uniform on campus. Also, he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Duke proudly proclaimed being a white supremacist & was involved in various offshoots of neo-Nazi organizations. He wrote numerous books advancing all of these causes. He ran for public offices, including a Republican primary for US President, vs Mitt Romney.

    This is the TEA PARTY of the USA. Involved in OIL business world-wide, engaging in whatever Wars are necessary to add to our national reserve supply of crude oil, a firm national policy of extreme GREED, working against the average citizens of USA, in order to increase the power and wealth of the greedy right-wing leaders. Hatred and contempt for average Americans, & total disregard for our safety, health, or happiness. Most often they profess to be devout Christians, but in-depth analysis of their belief system will reveal an extreme "ignorance" on the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, and extreme
    hypocrisy in how they treat their fellow U.S. citizens. (Often due to some extremely weird ideas, even in their religions. Very anti-science).

    Their actual beliefs are the OPPOSITE of Jesus beliefs, so this means that they are actually the people named in the Bible as the "ANTI-CHRIST". They can also be members of the KKK and the neo-Nazi affiliates, which worship Adolph Hitler and believe that the Germans should have won World War 2. NUMEROUS U.S. GROUPS are in this category: "Aryan Nation", is just one of them. You can [google] them all. But while you do, REMEMBER THIS: These may well be the people who are running against Hillary, & all our good Democrats, in upcoming elections.
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    Hi Jamesn: I agree that "truthers" are probably some of Alex Jones best customers. And since so many of his theories are wildly untrue and maybe even "crazy" ---- it is possible (for some) to conclude that ALL of his theories (or popular "myths") are totally false.

    BUT it would be a fallacy of LOGIC to conclude that ALL theories he promotes on his website are FALSE or untrue. Just because several or even MOST of them may be eventually proven untrue. It is yet possible that ONE or MORE of his theories he promotes could someday be proven FACTUALLY correct.

    And frankly, on the "truth of 9/11" issue, the jury is still out. Including that PNAC wanted an excuse, any excuse, to go drill for oil in the Middle East to expand their energy resources (for greed or warfare). PNAC equals a conservative GOP group of wealthy powerful businessmen. At a big meeting of PNAC, they published all their records of this Strategy Session. Marked "top secret" of course. But a few copies remain.....

    They admitted they wanted to exploit oil from anywhere they could, (in other nations) & were planning it at least 15 years in advance. They said it would take a "Pearl Harbor" type event, to give an excuse to go steal OIL from another nation, -- & then Voila' -- we have a strange problem of 19 guys wanting to hi-jack an American plane & crash it into the World Trade Center in New York City. The US military was doing some kind of weird "military exercise" on that day (strange coincidence) -- where an imaginary guy aboard a plane hijacked it & crashed it into a bldg. For this military exercise, all sirens & rockets on top of the Pentagon were turned off. At least 35,000 employees of the WTC did NOT turn up for work that day. They had been "warned" --- but WHO would warn them? Certainly, not Al Quaeda..... So some US citizen knew about it in advance.

    Then there was the strange situation, where Geo "W" Bush's own brother (Marvin) was in charge of "security" of the WTC bldg. And a few days before the "9/11" event, Marvin cleared the bldg, told the people to stay home. (Some say during those empty days, somebody planted explosives in the bldg so it would blow up at the right speed & direction --- a "controlled demolition." Which is exactly what it looked like, even to experts. There are dozens of strange events surrounding "9/11" & many have no perfect explanation even now --- even 13 yrs later.... But these are only a FEW of the extremely weird details about 9/11 --- and there are 100 pages more, that even befuddle the very best "detective" minds....SO (for me) the Jury is still OUT.