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CIA: "We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That This Is Our First Tweet"

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    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) joined twitter today. They are one of the last government agencies to join the social media site, and they decided to stand out by going with an admittedly clever first tweet:

    We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.
    7:49 AM - 6 Jun 2014

    Instantly reminded me of a podcast I listened to recently on Radiolab (an NPR production. Good stuff, highly recommend checking it out). Episode was called 'Neither Confirm Nor Deny'. Actually, you can listen to it free right here:

    The episode breaks down the very interesting origins of that phrase that is now synonymous with secrecy and the go to response by the CIA for all things that they have to give an official response to, by law, but would honestly rather not, or cannot for national security reasons.
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    I've got the feeling that we slowly but surely are moving in a dangerous direction; a friend of us who lived before the war in Germany and partially in the Netherlands and was a highly placed engineer (now close to 90), told me there are a lot of simularities of what happened in Nazi Germany before the war and what is going on here now. First of all the glorification of our armed forces; fanatism with flags and uniforms as well as certain religions; the Koch brothers goal for suprimacy and dictatorship; the Ted Cruz syndrome and what his dad said; the way we dictate the world and slowly but surely infringe on peoples freedoms by spying on our own people by the NSA and CIA. We are going on the wrong track; after WWII every one loved us; I guess that is no longer the case.