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Senator Lee Caught up in Campaign Money Laundering Scandal

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    Senator Mike Lee has found himself caught up in the ongoing investigation of two of Utah's former Attorney Generals for bribery, obstruction of justice and misuse of public funds. In a recent deposition, indited business mogul Jeremy Johnson claims he laundered tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Mike Lee's Senate campaign fund. Johnson claims to have done this at the request of John Swallow, the now disgraced former Utah Attorney General and friend of Mike Lee. Swallow was Chief Deputy Attorney General of Utah at the time of the alleged money laundering scheme.

    The alleged scheme worked this way: Johnson donated around $50,000 to various individuals that Mr. Swallow suggested. These individuals then donated that money to Mike Lee's campaign fund. This is a clear violation of United States Code 441f, which bars any contribution in the name of another person. A spokesman for Senator Lee insists that "at no time during or since the 2010 campaign was Sen. Lee or anyone associated with the Lee campaign aware of any unlawful contributions to the Lee campaign."

    This is not something Mike Lee, Tea Party hero, wants to find himself embroiled in. The Alliance for a Better Utah has already stated they are preparing to file a formal complaint with the FEC over the allegations and the FEC tends to thoroughly investigate these types of allegations, as Dinesh D'Souza recently found out.

    Has anyone been following the recent developments in this case? Does anyone find the hypocrisy of a holier than thou person like Mr. Lee finding himself in this type of situation?